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Green boost for cars
Last Updated(Beijing Time):2008-10-07 13:27

Highly efficient turbo engines powering low-emission vehicles are no longer just a green dream in China.

That is because Chongqing-based Chang'an Automobile Co Ltd has signed a cooperation memorandum with global technology and manufacturing leader Honeywell International to develop the country's first "mini-turbo" for low-emission vehicle engines.

"The mini-turbo will be used on 0.8-liter to 1.3-liter car engines. And so far, we are the only car manufacturer in China to use this new technology on low-emission vehicles on a gas platform," said Zhu Huarong, vice-president of Chang'an.

Turbo technology is considered a trend distinct from the traditional naturally aspirated one powering vehicles and is being used more in diesel and large-displacement cars. Honeywell's innovative use of the "mini-turbo" for small-displacement cars is said to be able to generate the same power as NA ones, with a significant reduction in emissions.

Shane Tedjarati, Honeywell Global vice-president &China and India CEO, said the "mini-turbo" tailored for Chang'an could save 10-15 percent in fuel consumption, while exhaust emissions will be reduced by 10-15 percent.

The technology could also cut the size of the car engine by 30-50 percent and help manufacturers lower costs, said Tedjarati, adding that research and development on the "mini-turbo" may take one year to complete before being commercialized for Chang'an.

Source:China Daily 
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