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Domestic tourism embracing flourishing development
Last Updated(Beijing Time):2007-06-05 14:20

By Li Dan, Li Jialin

A few days ago, the three-day 2007 Domestic Travel Fair was closed in Suzhou. The exhibition area of this fair covered 35,000 m2, with 1,935 exhibition stands being established. Total 1788 enterprises participated in the fair. According to the under-statistics, total 8,000 contracts were signed on this fair, amounting to RMB 500 million yuan; and 20,000 intent contracts were signed, too, amounting at around RMB 2 billion yuan. Forty thousand professionals and 42,000 ordinary people visited the fair. In contrast with the previous fairs, this fair contained more resources, which could be named as a fair with multiple shining points.

Rural travel forwards to maturity

This year is the year of "harmonious urban and rural travel," which was determined by the National Bureau of Tourism. This fair focuses on this theme and exhibited the prosperous domestic tourism in an all-round and multi-perspective way. It is known that the National Bureau of Tourism will initiate the "Hundred, Thousand and Ten Thousand Project" of rural tourism, which aims at gradually launching 100 characteristic counties, 1,00 characteristic towns and 10,000 characteristic villages on market, and promoting the rural tourism to maturity by further improving the infrastructures, enriching product's content and strengthening its market driven role.

The spontaneous rural tourism first emerged in Suzhou.

Two years ago, Suzhou Municipal Bureau of Tourism began to regulate the spontaneously emerged rural tourism market, which effectively supplements local tourism industry. According to Ms. Shen Wenjuan, President of Suzhou Municipal Bureau of Tourism, the rural tourism persists in the principle of "adjusting measures to local condition," organically combines tourism with agriculture, and gradually forms the industrial development pattern featuring "one area with one character," "one town with one product," "one village with one landscape" and "one household with one business."

The development of rural tourism relies on capital support. Therefore, Suzhou Municipal Bureau of Tourism specifically strived for specific fund of RMB1.8 million yuan for provincial and municipal tourism project constructions, so that to support them to fulfill new rural construction plan. Among all the villages, Sanshan Village successfully developed into national agricultural tourism demonstration base; Tangli Village completed the overall text planning of Piaomiao Scenic Spots and built two Agricultural Family Restaurant and a village inn in compliance with the grading standard on agricultural family accommodation; Huqiao Village designed an "Independent Agricultural Development Park" and an "Agricultural Tourism & Fishing Area," for which they have been partially funded. Among the RMB11.4 million yuan funds for the 20 municipal projects, total RMB 6.6 million yuan for 13 projects went to rural tourism.

Suzhou only acted as a representative on standardizing and steering the rural tourism development. Since this year, the rural tourism has gradually changed into steered and standardized tourism program from the early spontaneous and unorganized activity, which has become an import part of tourism as time went by. With the further improvement of rural tourism infrastructure, its content is bound to be enriched. The gradual setup of market order is to contribute to the construction of new socialist villages and establishment of harmonious socialist society.

Self-driving travel began to prosper.

This Domestic Travel Fair set up several forums, among which the "Chinese Self-driving Tourism Cooperation & Development Forum" attracted considerable attention. As introduced by the sponsor, Chinese people have currently owned around 20 million private cars, which contributed to the great potential of self-driving tourism market and its promising prospect of development.

At present, the self-driving travel in Jiangsu has begun to develop towards organized activity. There has been 10 self-driving travel clubs in Nanjing, which often organized various-scale self-driving travels. Self-driving travel is characterized by its high consumption, numerous participants, strong participability, various themes and strong spreading capacity. Self-driving travel will soon become main consumption body of domestic tourism, and a new economic growth point of domestic tourism.

In order to promote the development of self-driving tourism, Jiangsu Municipal Bureau of Tourism organized main rural tourist attractions to cooperate with Suyou Automobile Club, they jointly issued the "Tourist License of 'Charming Jiangsu.'" With the license, tourists can visit nearly 30 tourist attractions across Jiangsu and enjoy the best discount of tickets. They can even visit some rural tourist attractions free of charge.

Industrial tourism gradually improved.

Shanghai launched all-round serialized industrial tourism products on this fair. As the largest industrial city, the one-hundred-year history of Shanghai has formed large quantities of historical relics and industrial culture. Shanghai's industrial tourism is not a product shaped by single enterprise, it is an industry supported by its profound history, integral culture, complete industrial chain, advanced science and technology and perfect infrastructure. The industrial tourism will become a new shining point of Shanghai urban tourism for its super large scale, profound cultural content and rich tourism products.

On the basis of industrial tourism, Shanghai Industrial Tourism Center issued "2007 Annual Ticket of Shanghai Industrial Tourism" in Nov, 2006, which covered 93 scenic spots as Baoshan Steel Plant, Volkswagen, Bridge No. 8, Donghai Bridge etc. The issuance of annual ticket creatively integrated, developed and planned for Shanghai's industrial tourist spots, as well as realized the virtuous circle of "industrialized creativity and creative industry." 
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