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Enterprises sharpen competitive edge by digital design
Last Updated(Beijing Time):2008-04-25 13:44

By Hu Hongjun

A three dimensional (3D) digital model for one type of Ford motors about to be launched was realistically exhibited before viewers, the designs for its appearance, internal decoration and engine were clear at a glance, at the same time, by clicking the mouse on the screen, the effect such as the changed color and design can be promptly displayed according to users' preferences. What's more wonderful is that people can change the car's parking and driving situation in different environment at wills, which makes people knowing the details in advance.

On the event site of 2008 World Press Days held by Autodesk, a provider with digital design software and solutions, participants are surprised by the super power demonstrated by the up-to-date digital design.

"We have to draw thousands of pictures and re-build solid models before for any small changes such as local color and the radian of car window in the design stage, only do these, a direct effect can be shown."Said Peter Horbury, the executive director of Design for Ford Motor Company, who felt more deeply, "Now it is easy, we can rectify anywhere on the computer by use of the digital design software and display cars in more kinds of environment, which will reduce cost greatly, save resources, shorten design time enormously and improve effectiveness."

Far beyond these changes that digital design brought, "Why there are prodigious difference between different brands of mobile phones and computers? The key answer is the design."Experts analyzed. Nowadays, how to improve enterprises'competitiveness under the background of economy globalization? "If the homogeneity orientation on designing products is what they want to change, all designers such as architects, manufacturers, film producers, game developers and engineers must show their unique ideas."Carl Bass, President of Autodesk, told the reporter that design is more important than anytime before.

The digital design provides an opportunity. Autodesk, one of the leading digital design software suppliers, launched AutoCAD software as early as in 1982, moving drawing design into personal computers and making complex drawing easy to operate and rectify. For the moment, Autodesk has launched another up-to-date 3D digital design solution.

Experts indicated that the design modes in many industries are being changed through 3D design. Compared with those solid models produced in the design stage before, digital model can demonstrate all aspects of the design achievements in full orientation, which will provide more valuable functions. Designers can develop many alternative plans, improve designs and generate new ideas, which will be more efficient and save costs.

The latest report of International Data Corp. (IDC) showed that nowadays, manufacturers are paying more and more attention to the outstanding appearance of a product and accelerating the launch time of new products. They are adopting digital software to building module for leading the market direction. As these software can make product design more quickly than using solid models, and it benefits for cost saving and environmental resources protection, designers can attempt a great deal of alternative designs. 

On March 27th, Autodesk launched a design union for students in China, which will provide free world-class professional digital design tools for such specialties related to construction, building and structure engineering, mechanical engineering, media & entertainment and industrial design to students in various places across China.

Autodesk has established "combined laboratories"cooperated with Tsinghua University, Tongji University, Harbin Institute of Technology, South China University of Technology and Shanghai Jiaotong University, providing digital design tools, multi-subjects short-term courses and advanced technology equipments for teachers and students. Doug Shinsato, Seinor Vice President of Autodesk in Asia-Pacific region expressed that, "We are making great efforts to make digital design innovation technology more accessible for students and teachers, to assist Chinese enterprises in training new-generation designers and improving their competitiveness under the economy globalization with furious competition."

Experts pointed out that the design competency has become an important factor for national creativity. At present, there is still a largish gap between China's entire industrial design level and international advanced level, and product manufacture still gives priority to imitation, lacking of design innovation. However, Lenovo Group, Huaqi Information Company and Founder Technology Group have set up independent industrial design departments successively, beginning to enhance their competitiveness by use of digital design.

Along with design talents'ongoing growth, the utilization of digital design tools and more enriched design ideas, "Designed by China"is accelerating its pace towards the world. 
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