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Electric bicycles gain more market shares
Last Updated(Beijing Time):2008-06-11 11:04

Several days ago, Zhang Huaiqing, who lived in Beiyuan Garden, Chaoyang district, Beijing, bought an electric bike; thus, it became very convenient for him to go to work and return from work by such an electric bike. He said with a smile on the face, "A car is too expensive and I cannot afford it. It will be too tired if I come and go by bike; so I will not do that. It will be crowded on the bus, and I would not like to joint those people. And an electric bike is the very choice for me!" The electric bike made it possible for Zhang Huaiqing to save labor and enjoy convenience, and another important factor is that Zhang was attracted by the electric bike's low consumption of energy. He said that only 0.4kwh of electricity power would be consumed when charging the electric bike, which could continue to run 40km.

Now, more and more people like Zhang Huaiqing choose to use an electric bike as a vehicle in urban and rural areas in China. Due to their characteristics including energy saving, environment friendliness, being economic, and practicality, electric bikes have rapidly become a new choice for people after bikes, motorbikes, and cars. Xiao Qingyuan, Honorary President of Tianjin Bicycle Industrial Association, said, "In China, most consumers still cannot afford a car; even if they could afford it, the maintenance costs would be rather high. On the basis of economic and traffic conditions, there needs a kind of vehicle that can help people to save labor, make it convenient for people while being relatively inexpensive. And, electric bikes can right satisfy all those conditions."

In recent 10 years, electric bikes have realized a great-leap-forward development from scratch and great-leap-forward development from a small scale to a large scale. Statistics from the China Bicycle Association show that in 1998, when the electric bike industry began to start its development, the output of 16 manufacturing enterprises added up to 56,600 sets; by 2006, the output amounted to 21.30 million sets with an annual growth rate of 43.2 percent. As estimated by insiders, by 2010, both the output and sales volume of light-duty electric bikes will probably amount to 30 million sets, the export volume will probably amount to 5 million to 6 million sets, and the industrial output value of RMB70 billion yuan will be realized.

Thus, it can be seen that the market for electric bikes in China is embracing a phase of extensive development, during which it will become a hotspot attracting attention from many electric bike enterprises to strengthen brand establishment. Also, most electric bike enterprises have actually shown their importance attached to their respective brands in their actions.

As shown by statistics from China Industrial Information Issuing Center, National Bureau of Statistics of China, Aucma electric bikes rank first in terms of sales volume among all products of the same category in the market. As to such a fact, Zhang Xingqi, General Manage of Qingdao Aucma Company Limited, noted that Aucma had been establishing its brand with quality, promoting the brand with its services, and driving the development of the brand with marketing; as a result, the Aucma brand had been incessantly consummated while being developing continuously. Zhang expressed that that was just the key factor for Aucma in its outstanding achievement.

For the moment, other brands enjoying favorable public praises among consumers include "Xiaofeige", "Jiefei", "Phoenix", "Giant", and "Xinri".

As in cases of other products, it is impossible for electric bikes to accomplish in an action when establishing a brand and maintaining it in good conditions; also, any success will not be made in case of reliance on a certain aspect. Instead, the success of a brand depends on the success of the products as a whole.

As their production capacity continues to expand and competitions in the market prick up, certain electric bike enterprises of the strength type have begun to shift their emphasis on inputs to emphases on improving the enterprise's technological level and the quality of their products on a basis of stabling the production scale so as to consolidate and enlarge their market shares. In general, they have set up their research and development centers and the activities in product development and product innovations are ever-increasingly flourish. It is a conspicuous example that lithium battery electric bikes sell well in the market.

Electric bikes are commonly called battery cars, and battery is the core part and key technology for electric bikes. In the past, priority was given to lead acid batteries and nickel-metal hydride batteries in the market for batteries to be used on electric bikes. Several years ago, the situation changed as there appeared lithium battery electric bikes in the market.

"The weight of a lithium battery is only a quarter of that of a common lead acid storage battery or a common alkaline battery, but the charge capacity of the former is 50 percent higher while the service life being greatly prolonged." said Wang Wenduo from the Zhongxin Electric Bike Distribution Center situated in Beijing, "Once charged, a lithium battery can sustain a distance of 50km with an adult on the bike. Moreover, lithium batteries can even ensure the normal driving when the temperature decreases to 20 centigrade below zero in North China due to their advantages in terms of materials and technology."

Since lithium battery electric bikes were launched in the market in Beijing in 2006, portability, environment friendliness, fashion, and high technology have become the largest sales point for electric bikes of such a type while their market shares increase successively. In 2007, each of the over 100 distributing outlets of Beijing Julaila Electric Bike Mall Co., Ltd. as a distributor received over 100 telephone consultations each month on average; and even in winter as an off-season, the monthly sales volume added up to over 1,000 sets. At present, there have appeared over 100 types of domestic lithium battery electric bikes; and the hearty demands in the market show that the market for lithium battery electric bikes has become deeply greeted among consumers while such electric bikes will become mainstream products in the market. It is understood that in 2007, over 20,000 lithium battery electric bikes assembled by Suzhou Phylion Battery Co., Ltd were sold in Beijing.

At the very beginning, there were only one or two types of outdated electric bike of a simple type; up till now, there are nearly 100 luxury and high-graded lithium battery electric bikes. It is rejoicing that changes are so great and rapid. Electric bike enterprises do win out in the market and realize their healthy development by relying on such a kind of continual research, development, and innovations, and getting rid of the stale products and bringing forth the fresh products. 
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