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New trends emerging in domestic auto market
Last Updated(Beijing Time):2008-09-22 10:15

By Li Yongjun

Since the beginning of this year, the passenger vehicle ownership per thousand people has arrived at 20 vehicles, where the personal vehicle circle occupied an absolutely share of around 80 percent. After entering the second half of this year, the consumption pattern of the personal vehicle market will change further, and six new trends are emerging gradually.

Since the beginning of this year, along with the increasingly mature consumption conception, people are more and more seeking multi-functions of vehicles. Various vehicle manufactures launched new types with diversified functions successively, which made the vehicle-type classification dimmer, almost providing with all functions that people need. Such multi purpose vehicle include, for example, type V5 (named as CROSSOVER) launched by Chery Automobile Co., Ltd and SX4 launched by Chongqing Changan Suzuki Automobile Co., Ltd.

Price reduction in SUV (Sports Utility Vehicles) market has begun to emerge. Although such a big price decline happened in North American and European markets will not occur in domestic SUV market in a short time, some survey indicates that next year will be likely to become a turning point for SUV. At present, various big vehicle companies have noticed that the oil consumption of SUV will be a fatal wound and announced successively to apply new technologies to improve the economics of SUV, but this still can not stop the prediction that SUV will be likely to enter a long-term adjustment period.

Driven by the rising vehicle utility cost, mini vehicles are expected to be one of the greatest winners this year. Statistics from this January to this July shows that the market proportion of the mini vehicles has increased to around 20 percent, including the constant hot selling of QQ and LOVA and the participation of Mazda 2 and other types. So the mini vehicle market has been a victor in the vehicle market. As the strengthened purchase power of domestic younger, their demands for mini vehicles have begun to appear.

As many common consumers that favor sports vehicles can only imagine owing top-grade roadsters but can not own them in the real world, domestic middle-and-low-grade sports vehicles just fill the blank in such a growing market. Lots of vehicle manufactures have understood such a demand of vehicle fans and have launched vehicles with various sports patterns successively. The appearance of some types is more streamline with sports flavor, and presently, most of domestic family-used sports cars in the market belong to this type, such as Mazda 6 and Elantra sport; and some types pay more attention to sports inside. An engine with stronger power is equivalent to part of luxury-brand vehicle's engine with the emission volume of above 4L or 5L.

Although domestic mini car market started earlier, the development speed was relatively slow. Mini cars were not only lack of enough car types but also isolated with demands in quality, only meeting consumers' demands of low price while omitting their requirements on quality, which made mini car manufacturers blindly led by the market. Since this year, the mini car market was facing a challenge of being shuffled to adapt the increasingly furious market competition. If mini car manufacturers want to make a breakthrough in development, the quality must be improved under the unchanged price. Presently, the major mini vehicles, the ratio of performance to price of which has been enhancing further and further, with the beautiful appearance, the wide internal space and the integrated functions, are making great efforts to completely break the development bottleneck of "low price with inferior quality". Though at present, the total sales volume in domestic mini car market is not favorable, but those vehicle types with better brand image, quality and configuration are in great demand. In the second half of this year, the high ratio of performance to price of mini cars will embrace a development opportunity. 
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