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Great Wall Motor taps small displacement auto market
Last Updated(Beijing Time):2008-12-10 09:51

By Chang Yanjun

On November 6, Great Wall Motor launched its second collection mini car FLORID. At the press conference, Wei Jianjun, President of Great Wall Motor, stated that Great Wall Motor planned to develop small cars with an emission under 1.5L with most of the company's effort, and make a breakthrough on the Grade A auto market. GWPERI is the first move, and FLORID is another sharp weapon for Great Wall Motor to participate in the market competition. Great Wall Motor will make efforts on various brands, and try to become a leading enterprise in the small emission car market in 2010.

As learnt, the upgrade of competition in China's auto market and the increase of consumptive demands for domestic private cars made the market penetration for small coupe increase unceasingly. Especially in the background of energy saving and environmental protection, A0 grade coupes are paid more attention to. In 2001, there were only 9 or so coupes in domestic market, and with the entrance of joint venture brands like VOLKSWAGEN, Peugeot and Citroen, China's coupe market got hot quickly. Presently, there have been near 30 types of mainstream coupe in China's private market, where the competition is getting increasingly fierce.

FLORID launched by Great Wall Motor this time is another masterpiece after GWPERI, and it is targeted to challenge the same kind of cars with joint venture brands making use of its comprehensive quality price ratio. Technician of Great Wall Motor Technology Research Institute revealed that it took two years to develop FLORID, and they had finished tests from -40 degrees centigrade to 60 degrees centigrade and 100,000km road test. As known, the 1.3L new generation of sedan gasoline engine equipped on Great Wall FLORID is also the fruit of the independent research and development of Great Wall Motor. FLORID 1.3L luxurious coupe is priced at RMB53.9 thousand yuan, and the elite coupe is priced at RMB57.9 thousand yuan, and the pre-order for them has begun to proceed to.

At the FLORID press conference, decision-makers of Great Wall Motor emphasized their idea of elaborate works again, "Every sedan with independent brand has its own development road. Our idea on car-making is very clear. Our products must have high starting point, global edition, and must meet the international standards. We won't make cars with low quality and low price. We will change the opinion of consumers on independent brands with elaborate products which are made through innovative technology."

As planned by Wei Jianjun, Great Wall Motor should choose Grade A auto firstly to enter sedan market, and must develop deeply and get stronger in Grade A auto market. "In the long run, small-emission car is the development trend in future." So Great Wall Motor constituted an entirely new Grade A auto platform-CH platform, and invested RMB2.8 billion yuan to it for the construction of a well-equipped production base of 200,000 sets of autos. To R&D, Great Wall has invested over RMB800 million yuan.

As said, Great Wall Motor will develop 8 different car types on the CH platform, and the product will cover the coupe, hatchback, SUV, and MPV and other segmented markets. "Great Wall Motor will make the platform bigger with the method of less platforms and more products, thus reflects the cost advantage of common platform. Moreover, platform sharing means standardization, which can optimize the product quality. " As learnt, through the adoption of platform technology, the 8 car types of Great Wall Motor can share the engine, gearbox, electric system and other parts and accessories.

The global economic difficulties this year not only influenced the international automobile industry, but also brought China's automobile industry many unfavorable factors. As known, the export volume of Great Wall Motor in 2008 will decrease around 10,000 sets. "Great Wall Motor insists on steady operation all the way, which enabled itself to deal with various hardships." In fact, as early as in July 2008, Great Wall Motor has entered the risk management period. It strictly controls cost, and steadily maintains and enhances the sales network. Great Wall Motor will increase investment to R&D, so as to enhance the quality, technological content and reliability of its products.

When correspondents mentioned of new resource car plan, Wei Jianjun revealed that Great Wall Motor was developing new resource cars like electric vehicle and diesel HEV. However, because relevant infrastructure is immature, and the technology should be improved, the sample vehicle will be launched in two years.

After acting as the pickup sales champion for 10 year and SUV sales champion for 5 years in succession, could Great Wall Motor, which is good at cultivation on segmented market, make big in Grade A auto market? It deserves our expectation. 
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