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Make digital life safe and worriless
Last Updated(Beijing Time):2009-10-29 09:18

Information technology is also one of the fields having most independently innovated achievement in China. Such information technologies with independent intellectual property right as 3G, IGRS and trusted computing have developed from theory to practice, and entered the stage of large scale commercialization, which are guaranteeing our safe and worriless digital life.

There is no need to worry about password stealing when conducting online payment on computers, as well as information release when copying documents with USB flash disks, that's what the exhibition of China TCM Union's 3-year achievement held recently has displayed. In terms of the experience of this achievement exhibition, a visitor named Wang Xiaoliang has such a feeling, "If we can use the products with such technologies early, it will be very safe for my online stock speculation and my child's online shopping."

The up to date report named The 24th Report on China's Internet Development released by China Internet Network Information Center (CNNIC) showed that by the end of June, 2009, the number of broadband netizen has reached 320 million with the worldwide rank of No.1, taking up 94.3 percent of the total netizen number and increasing 3.7 percentage points than that in the end of 2008. The netizen number in China has kept a persistently stable and upward tendency, which will require a higher and higher information security.

With the widely application of informatization, the concept of trusted computing to guarantee the security of systems emerges accordingly. In 2007, China's trusted computing standard was issued, which remarks the official entrance of trusted computing to people's daily life. The trusted computing means to add hardware modules and corresponding software on computers so as to solve the security problem on computers fundamentally. Just like the leader of China Trusted Computing Group Feng Dengguo said, "This year is a year that China's trusted computing technology has been popularized widely in civilian use, and common people's digital life will be truly safe and worriless."

Independent innovation promotes technological breakthrough

3G has arrived. In such an era, such businesses as data, sound and image are presented in the manner of multimedia information. However, just like Shi Changxia, an engineer of National Computer Network and Information Security Management Center, pointed out, the development of 3G technology is accelerating the three network integration, the interaction between telecom network and Internet is more and more, and the problems on network and information security are more and more prominent. Surveys show that 56 percent of netizen have encountered network security problems, and only 29.2 percent of netizen reckon the safety of online transaction, which have restricted the development of such transactions as e-commerce and online payment to a great extent.

Since the popularization of Internet in China, domestic independent innovated information security technology has always been making breakthrough. Nowadays, China Trusted Computing Group, which is initiated by domestic enterprises, includes 19 group members and covers many fields, such as chip, computers, network interface, operation systems and application software. For the products of the trusted computing union, no matter hardware or software, all intellectual property rights of them are mastered by R&D manufacturers independently. And the important force to promote the union's increasingly development and grandness is independent innovation.

From chip to product solutions, the innovative technologies have had breakthrough one after another, which becomes the premise of our safe use of information products. In terms of hard products, NationZ Technologies Inc. launched trusted cryptography module (TCM) in July 2008, which can effectively guarantee the security of data and systems and has also become the basic of TCM products and solutions. Meanwhile, Lenovo Group launched homemade safe computers named Kaitian M400S, which are based on the safe chip that is researched and developed independently and has made another breakthrough in the field of trusted computing after Lenovo take the lead in launching its independently-innovated safe "Hengzhi" chip. Under the abundant supply of TCM chip, the trusted computing products and integrated solution have been launched by many domestic brand manufacturers successively.

In terms of software, the development of trusted computing-related operation systems and application software has also witnessed a rapid growth. Trusted KYLIN system, one of the operation systems that earlier has the ability to support trusted computing, supports the realization of security strategy in the manner of modularization. Tsinghua Tongfang Co., Ltd has independently designed and developed a series of core software, such as independent operation system. Additionally, in such aspects as data protection, identity discrimination, visit control, protection for operation system security, trusted application support system, trusted software discrimination engine, safe terminal management system and mobile storage device management, independently developed trusted application software has come out.

Industrial application realize all-around popularization

The purpose of independent innovation is to realize industrialization, which is also the most difficult part to realize. Take China's independently developed TD standard as an example, after TD-SCDMA technology that developed independently at home in 2000 was officially regarded as an international standard, TD's terminal application becomes the biggest difficulty for China Mobile's 3G commercialization. From intensive customization to releasing its own OPhone platform, the course of China Mobile's TD industrialization is extraordinarily arduous. Statistics issued by China Mobile shows that by the end of June, there have been 49 types of TD-SCDMA mobile phones, 40 types of cards for surfing Internet and 44 types of netbooks.

"Please look here, this network payment system is set up based on domestic TCM, which has integrated China UnionPay Card swiping devices and can still guarantee transaction system's security in the case of trustless network, hardware and operation systems. Applying such a system, you can use any UnionPay cards for safe network consumption and finance management without opening online bank or taking such insurance measurement as U shields and password cards. "A technical staff spoke and made a demonstration to a visitor in the exhibition area of Tsinghua Tongfang.

Such a safe information application on online shopping demonstrated by Tsinghua Tongfang is only an epitome. A trusted computing industrial chain, which involves such seven aspects as chip, hardware, operation system, support software, application software, solutions and application demonstration, has shaped a primary scale. In the future, safe information technologies will expand to such mobile fields like mobile phones and mobile network terminals to protect users' private information assets thoroughly. 
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