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PC makers bullish on mobile internet market
Last Updated(Beijing Time):2010-01-07 11:15

By Huang Xin
Recently, the main PC manufacturers in the world, such as Lenovo, Dell and Asus, have launched into the mobile phone field on a large scale successively. Tracing the fact, what the PC manufacturers think highly of are not only mobile phones, but also the huge mobile internet market. With the 3G network tending to become maturity, the mobile internet-based new products, applications and services emerge in endlessly, and are becoming the focus in the entire industrial chain.

On November 27, 2009, Lenovo Group announced that it would acquire the ownership equity of Lenovo Mobile Communication Technology Co., Ltd with the cash of US$200 million and stocks; while previously, Lenovo has ever sold out its mobile phone business with US$100 million in the beginning of 2008.

Why does Lenovo buy back its own mobile phone business with doubled price within two years? Yang Yuanqing, CEO of Lenovo Group, answered that, "Mobile internet is a big trend, and the maturity of 3G can urge the generation of more plentiful mobile internet terminals and applications. To expect such a good chance, we cannot be absent."

Not unique but as a double, Lenovo is not the only PC manufacturer who proceeds to mobile phone business. Just several days ago when Lenovo bought back mobile phone business, Dell, the second biggest PC manufacturer worldwide, launched its first mobile phone in Beijing. And some other PC manufacturers like Acer and Asus are also reinforcing the force in research and development of mobile phone products together with launching new products increasingly.

In like manner, not only PC manufacturers think highly of mobile internet, from the hardware manufacturer Intel to the software manufacture Microsoft and Internet company Baidu, etc., the entire industrial chain has focused on such a field, which has not only promote the prosperous development of the market, but also fully embodied the big trend of 3C integration.

Mobile terminals accelerated integration

Yang Yuanqing, CEO of Lenovo Group, believed that Lenovo's re-march into mobile phone business "does not mean a diversification with large spanning", because, with the integration of 3C, the integration of personal computer and mobile terminals is a general trend. The integration is not only embodied in PC manufacturers' involvement in mobile phone business, but also embodied in mobile phone manufacturers' involvement in PC business. For example, the traditional mobile phone manufacturer Nokia has also launched its netbooks.

In the aspect of appearance, PC products, such as netbooks and MID (mobile internet devices), are becoming smaller and smaller; while the mobile phone products represented by intelligent mobile phones are becoming bigger and bigger. In the aspect of function, such a mobile phone integrating various functions of videography, surfing the internet, playing music has been more and more like a computer. And after overcoming the bottleneck of data transfer, the share of data cards for mobile phones and PC has accelerated its integration trend.

What's behind the integration of PC and mobile phones is a huge mobile phone consumption market. Statistics shows that by the end of September 2009, the total number of China's telephone users has reached 1.044 billion while the number of mobile phone users has reached as high as 720 million. In accordance with the statistics from the international research institute Gartner, the sales volume of intelligent mobile phones worldwide in 2009 is expected to be 180 million sets, increasing by 29 percent than that in the previous year, which will exceed the sales volume of notebooks. And currently, the sales volume of intelligent mobile phones only takes up around 14 percent of the total mobile phone sales volume.

3G's driving effect began to work

Tracing the fact, what the PC manufacturers think highly of are not only mobile phones, but also the huge mobile internet market. In China, 3G is an important factor to drive the industry. As for such a point, Zhu Jun, Vice Director of Communication Development Department, Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, expressed that the issuance of 3G license has effectively promoted the rapid growth of mobile internet. In the first three quarters of this year, the number of new WAP users reached 28.527 million, being equal to 77 percent of the total WAP user number in 2008; the number of new WWW users reached 45.39 million, which is 2.1 times the total number in 2008.

With the 3G network tending to become maturity, mobile internet has become the development trend and continually urged the generation of the mobile internet-based new products, applications and services emerge. According to statistics, by this September, the number of mobile internet users has reached 192 million, up 62.7 percent year on year; in 2008, the scale of mobile internet market has reached RMB11.7 billion yuan, up 54.5 percent year on year.

In order to occupy a position in mobile internet market, all enterprises in the industrial chain have strengthened cooperation. Mobile phone manufacturers focused on adding internally installed value-added services. Not long ago, Haier mobile phones cooperated with and installed life information service in mobile phones. With mobile phones, users can set such services as recruitment, house tenancy, second-hand trade and making friends, and obtain the life service information they need just by one keystroke. Additionally, Nokia and Sony Ericsson have cooperated with and respectively and installed network client terminal in their mobile phones. With such a service, users can enjoy the social network platforms of and on mobile phones respectively.

For software enterprises, they have expedited the software development for mobile phones, even for traditional PC software manufacturers, they also make the software for mobile phones as one of the keys to develop. Not long ago, Microsoft released "Windows Phone" mobile phone brand and platform, which has consolidated its strategy on mobile service. Baidu released two kinds of new mobile client products, Palm-Baidu and Baiduinput, and announced that "Mobile internet is an important component of Baidu's future strategy."

Besides cooperation, acquisition is a greater investment. If we say that Lenevo Group's buy back of mobile business is a return to its old trade, then we can say that HP and Acer's acquisitions to wireless internet enterprises as early in 2008 fully embodied their foresight and determination on marching into mobile internet. 
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