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China's 2010 smart phone sales post dynamic growth
Last Updated(Beijing Time):2010-12-21 11:40

By Zhao Jin

The year of 2010 is the divide of Smartphone; henceforth the market begins to show explosive growth. According to the statistics from Gartner, a famous market research company, in the first quarter of 2010, global sales volume of ordinary mobile phones was 314.7 million, increasing by only 17 percent year on year, while the Smartphone sales quantity was 54.3 million with a year-on-year growth rate of 48.7 percent. In the second quarter, global sales volume of Smartphones was 61.65 million, up by 50 percent year on year. In the third quarter, global sales volume of mobile phones was 340.5 million, in which Smartphone sales volume was as high as 81.1 million, growing by nearly 90 percent and accounting for 23.8 percent of total mobile phone sales. It is predicted that to the end of 2010, the number of Smartphone users will exceed 150 million.

Mobile internet may be preferred

What is a Smartphone? Simply speaking, it is a mobile phone with such advanced functions as call, personal information management, email, browser based on wireless data communications, and with operating system.

A research jointly made by ResearchInChina and indicates that the efficient cause of people's selection of Smartphone is mobile internet, multi-media entertainment and massive third party application software. According to the selection of consumers in the investigation, the internet browsing, e-book reading and mobile chat and communication are the top three functions used by Smartphone consumers with the penetration rate being 50 percent, 47.5 percent and 38 percent respectively. This precisely corresponds to Gartner's prediction made at the year beginning. Gartner predicted that the mobile phone will exceed personal computer to be the major surfing tool. Gartner said: "After 2012, the number of Smartphones and high grade traditional mobile phones will surpass that of personal computers. Such a trend means the way people access to internet will change, which will therefore lead to re-design of many websites".

Generally speaking, the Smartphone is the future of mobile phone development. Through the integrative functions and personalized customer experience, the dependent relationship between the Smartphone and traditional PC will be terminated, and then a mobile internet era that truly belongs to Smartphones will be built.

Sense and brand weighed mostly by the market

As the same time that mobility is more concerned, researchers also found that sense and brand are also important factors when consumers are buying mobile phones. This is a little bit like vehicle manufacturing industry in those days. When vehicles were gradually popularized, people began to add additional functions for the travel tool. Therefore, Xiao Mingchao, Deputy General Manager of Sinomonitor, reckons that Smartphone consumers value more about the impact in sight and sense. For example, 23 percent consumers thought highly of exterior design in 2008, this percentage has increased to 26.8 percent in 2010. Apple Inc. could be the representative that obtained success by providing sensuous enjoyment. Nokia and Motorola have felt threatened because Apple's products look very good at first sight.

In mobile phone field, brand means quality. Hence, sense and brand will become another two important factors that dominate consumption, reflecting both interior and exterior conditions of a product. Such a trend could just provide a new coordinate and direction for manufacturers to better adapt to consumers' appetite. 
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