Guizhou ushers in a new era of big data
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By Wang Xinwei and Wu Bingze

Recently, Guizhou province held the 2016 Guizhou on the Cloud-Big Data Investment and Intelligence Introduction Conference and Guizhou Big Data Development Results Exhibition in Beijing, intensively displaying the results of the construction of Guiyang big data integrated innovation experimental zone, the development of Guizhou on the cloud system, the entrepreneurship and innovation about big data and other aspects. 30 projects concerning industry, talents, research & development and data resources are signed on site, with total investment of RMB 22.238 billion yuan. Since 2014, Guizhou province has taken big data as a significant strategic choice for the economic and social leaping development of the whole province. With high level of foundation, rapid development pace, and full of vigor, it has grasped the first mover advantage nationwide.

Guizhou province applies big data industry as the practical path for straitening zigzag, catching up and synchronizing well-off society, and as the main traction force and essential support of other fields. The main leaders of Guizhou province engage in the project in person, forming the big data industry development leading group with the governor as the leader to arrange the big data developing work. It has creatively established the promotion mechanism of "one office, one center, one corporation and one intelligence bank" covering the Big Data Office, the Big Data Industry Development Center, the Guizhou on the Cloud Company, and the Big Data Expert Consultancy Committee. It has also formed a "345333" overall development idea, i.e. centering on three questions of "where the data comes from, where to place the data and how to apply the data", insisting on four concepts that "data is resource, application is core, industry is target and safety is guarantee", focusing on establishing five-layer industry chain including "facilities layer, system platform layer, cloud application platform layer, value-added service layer and matched terminal product layer", developing three formats of big data including "core format, related format and derived format", realizing three objectives of "improving the government administrative ability with big data, promoting transformation and upgrading with big data and improving livelihood with big data service", and establishing three centers covering "national level big data content center, big data service center and big data financial center".

The data resource of National Tourism Administration, General Administration of Quality Supervision, Ministry of Public Security and Chinese Academy of Sciences have entered Guizhou successively, the data resources of Ministry of Education, Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, Ministry of Transport and China Meteorological Administration have been stored in Guizhou, the National Food Safety Traceability Tracing Cloud, Chinese Culture Cloud (Copyright Cloud and Broadcasting Cloud), Beijing Genomics Institute (Southwest) Database have signed and settled down in Guizhou, and data resources are collected in Guizhou at an accelerated speed.

Guizhou province has accelerated the construction of 15 governance ability improvement pilot projects, to mobilize corporation and society in big data application and to develop industry by integrating, opening up and applying government data, to promote smart city construction, provide more data services and application experiences to citizens; to promote the combination of informatization and industrialization, expanding the application of information technology in industry; and to insist on transforming and upgrading the tertiary industry with big data, promoting the transformation and upgrading pace of traditional industries.

Strive to grasp industry projects. A batch of big projects, including Phase I of the Forth Generation Green Eco-industrial Park of Foxconn in Gui'an and Phase I of Xinpu High-tech Industrial Park of Xiamen Sunshine Group in Zunyi, have been established and put into production successively; a batch of calling center projects, including Guiyang Calling Center and Service Outsourcing Industry Pilot Base, Huatang Education Calling Center Industrial Base and CECT-Gui Cloud Data Service Science and Technology Park, have been put into operation; another batch of projects, including Bainiao River Digital Town and Jingdong E-commerce Industrial Park have started.

Focus on the introduction of development factors. Guizhou has held many times of big data industry investment introduction conferences in Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen and other places. Last year, Guizhou held the 2015 Guiyang Big Data Industry Exhibition and Global Big Data Era Guiyang Summit, "Guizhou on the Cloud" Big Data Business Model Contest, "Guizhou on the Cloud" Big Data International Annual Meeting, Alibaba Entrepreneur Meeting Southwest Summit and other important meetings, establishing the platform for investment, intelligence introduction and entrepreneurship and innovation to attract capital, project, talent and other factors.

Strive to improve policy support. Centering on big data application and industry development, Guizhou province has improved related laws and regulations and policy measures constantly. It has successively issued the first information infrastructure rule and the first policy recommendation and planning outline in support of big data industry development and application in China, to improve the policy system in support of big data development. Guizhou NPC has issued the first national big data local regulation, that is, Statute for Promoting Big Data Development and Application in Guizhou Province, incorporating big data development into the legal governance channel and filling the local legislation blank.

The development of big data promotes the development of electronic information industry and creates a batch of new formats and new models. In 2014, the scale of electronic information industries under the leadership of big data gained a year-over-year increase of 62 percent in Guizhou; and it saw a year-over-year increase of 37.7 percent in 2015.

Next, according to the national strategic deployment, with the emphasis on starting and implementing big data strategic activities and the objective of establishing big data (Guizhou) comprehensive pilot zone, Guizhou will enhance the construction of infrastructure, collect data resources, highlight the driving effect of application, expand industry scale, and improve the overall strength of big data industry constantly. It plans to establish the big data (Guizhou) comprehensive pilot zone into the national data gathering and application new height, comprehensive governance pilot zone, industry development gathering zone, top entrepreneurship and innovation destination and policy innovation pioneer by endeavor of 3-5 years.




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