Virtual robots with AI to be the next hotspot
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By Du Fang

"With the continuous development of technology, robot has become more and more intelligent," said Vice President Huang Hanbang from College of Engineering, National Taiwan University, at the special forum for artificial intelligence development on 2016 World Robot Conference. On the forum site, the intelligent service robot he showed could wear the delightful expression when it sees beautiful girls, could appear reluctant when it encounters loath person, could initiatively avoid people who are walking up to it face to face and could line up voluntarily when buying goods.

Google Go computer programs AlphaGo (AlphaGo) won out in the man-machine competition with Korean Chess Player Li Shishi, which becomes another milestone in the development of artificial intelligence. "In the restricted fields, the robot intelligence quotient is higher than that of humans', which is undisputed, besides, robot's evolution speed is much faster than human could conceive, including the artificial intelligence in deep learning that is making astounding advances," said Professor Ren Fuji from the University of Tokushima.

Artificial intelligence comprises three main links: Technology arithmetic, support data and industrial application. "Currently, among artificial intelligence, the best one is the virtual robot development and it is awakening the future," said Zhu Pinpin, founder and president of Xiaoi Robot.

Virtual robot is called Bots in the industry, it is the intelligent conversation system based on the natural language processing. It is the intelligent robot integrates polybasic manual technique. With virtual robot, user could send and receive messages on a conversation-like interface. Virtual robot could understand and answer human problems. In order to better deal with problems, Bots could seek help and consult with human by multi-turns conversation.

Zhu Pinpin introduced that since April, 2016, global top-notch science and technology enterprises, including Microsoft, Facebook, Apple, Google, etc. has released their Bots platform plan one after another and pushed out virtual robot products, such as Siri of Apple, xiaoice of Microsoft, Duer of Baidu, Cloud Customer Service of Ali, etc. Bots economy just likes morning sun comes out in a gushing manner.

What are the functions of Bots? One could find it everywhere, on the government websites, it could solve all kinds of policies and regulations problems; By WeChat public number, it could assist one with process business; to know about Express schedule, one could directly consult Bots, even call up and send messages by Bots when driving on the road.

Xiaoi is the outstanding one among Bots robots. Zhu Pinpin said: "Customer service robot Xiaozhao of China Merchants Bank is just the one whose brain is provided by xiaoi, which is butt jointed with China Merchants Bank's internal system. We can have intelligent conversations with it, to solve problems customers put forward. The service could be realized not only on the website of China Merchants Bank, customer service phone and all kinds of mobile terminal, but also could be realized in the traditional business halls by some tangible robots."

"At present, more than ten banks, three major communication operators, even some local governments have adopted xiaoi robot at home and it has played the role in many fields," said Zhu Pinpin.

What are the advantages of Bots? Some analysis reports believed that the mode of intelligent man-computer interaction will open a new post-App era in the year of 2020. "Now, one can realize many functions through App and in the further a great many of applications can be realized through simple interfaces, there is no need to develop special App. Compared with App, Bots has many advantages, such as easy to use and spread, unified port, etc. Because Bots finishes the interaction of natural language, all kinds of different Bots can easily be linked together," said Zhu Pinpin.

Wu Yanjing, vice president of Research Department of BOC International (China) Limited and Chief Analyst of computer industry said Bots has become an investment hotspot. And it can make profits by many ways, such as customizing product for enterprises, creating platforms to attract advertisements, providing value-added service to realize the third party's dividends, etc.

"We predicted that by 2020, the market scale of Bots will reach nearly RMB 300 billion yuan. Although it has the huge market space, the number of current participators is still few. We hope that prospective assets and companies could actively participate in the related fields to start up business and layout man-computer interaction," said Wu Yanjing.

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