Beidou-related service navigates people's life
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By Xu Hong

A few days ago, the Fifth Satellite Navigation and Location Service Annual Meeting & Exhibition of China held in Chengdu gathered nearly one hundred enterprises, who showed their "masterpieces", including Beidou chip of fingernail-sized, smart BDS card, smart bracelet and mobile phone, UAV and Intelligent driving car, and such new technologies, new products and new services representing the front edge of the industry development start to show their advantages in multiple fields.

Joint cooperation, innovational application

One of the highlights in the annual exhibition is joint cooperation and innovational application. "Yunzhang" (a pressable seal device) similar to a "micro space station" in shape attracts much attention in those products.

"Press it slightly, upon sealed, 2 cameras on Yunzhang with angle of 270 degrees will take two photos: one for the document, and other one for the sealer and surrounding scenes, the photos will be uploaded to the cell phone and email of the administrator synchronously to facilitate the real-time monitoring." He Liang, the deputy general manager of Beijing Shenzhou Aerospace Software Technology Co., Ltd. told the reporter that the whole sealing procedure was quite obvious at the processing platform, by which, the seal safety would be guaranteed.

He Liang also said, "This product is the result of joint cooperation. We provide the back software service platform; Beijing Patriotic Boy Technology Co., Ltd. is responsible for the development of "Yunzhang" application." The sales volume of smart "Yunzhang" has broken 20 thousand for half one year since its launch in last September, which has also been applied to aerospace, military, real estate and other fields.

Making full use of "costless signal" resources

As we know, Beidou short message and high-precision application are the special services of BDS distinguishing from that of other satellite navigation systems. Currently, the industry is endeavoring to build the one network of national GBAS, which will be on test run at the end of the year. In June, Beidou precise service network went into operation, covering 270 cities of China, which significantly promote the revolutionary change of the location service industry.

The cross-field small type SUV, "Refine S2" of JAC receives many concerns. Liu Jiangbo, the vice director of JAC Electronics Design Institute introduced to Sun Jiadong, "this type of car sells good for Beidou Navigation System, the order of the two new types of cars has broken 200 thousand for only 2 days after the listing. The market share of JAC equipped with Beidou vehicle navigation has exceeded 200 thousand in China, and the feedback from customers is quite good." Benefited from the strong compatibility of Beidou and short message function, the customers also give a higher appraisal to the vehicles.

When talking about why Beidou concept was so popular among the capital investment and other industries, Qi Faren, the academician of Chinese Academy of Engineering said, "This is the signal of not spending money." The advancing technology making the daily life more and more convenient, and one of the significant technology advancements is "navigation location system". However, the application of Beidou shall be promoted based on such comprehensive factors as quality and price.

Application being the base of the industry

Satellite navigation and location service industry is the strategic emerging industry of China. In recent years, China introduced a series of supporting policies to promote the scale application of BeiDou. According to Ran Chengqi, administrative office director of China Satellite System and deputy general designer of Beidou Satellite System, the related regulations of Beidou Navigation have been listed into the legislation schedule of the State Council, which will significantly promote the application of Beidou Navigation System in various fields and promote the rapid development of Beidou industry health.

According to the White Paper of Development of China Satellite Navigation and Location Service Industry newly issued, the total industry output value in 2015 reached RMB 173.5 billion yuan, making an increase of about 30 percent compared with that in 2014. The market contribution rate of Beidou nearly 20 percent and the Beidou compatible application has become the mainstream plan for domestic industrial market and special market. As forecasted in Mid- and Long Term Plan of National Satellite Navigation Industry, the scale of satellite navigation industry will exceed RMB 400 billion yuan and the scale of Beidou industrial scale will reach RMB 240 billion yuan by 2020. The industry promoted by special service of Beidou and "Beidou +" fusion application will exceed the image of people.

How to encounter the new market chance? Liu Zhonghua, the president of Beidou Tianhui Company with 9 years of entrepreneurship history in Beidou field, believed that innovation the life of an enterprise, and product innovation, service innovation and application should be attached with more importance. Beidou Tianhui benefits from the innovation. The big order Beidou Intelligent Terminal is more than RMB 40 million yuan invited by the Ministry of Civil Affairs this year, and the bidding winter is Beidou Tianhui. "13 thousand Beidou Handheld disaster reduction terminals are just for the pilot. If 700 thousand information personnel in China can be equipped with such terminals, it will be a market of several billions yuan".

The large potential of "Beidou +" application is beyond the image of people, especially the high precision demand on BeiDou. Miao Qianjun, the Senior Vice Chairman and Secretary General of GNSS & LBS Association of China, believed that Beidou will open the deepened application situation in 5 civil industries initiatively in the future. First, there will be a large increase of application in transportation field; second, there will be a large-scale application in urban infrastructure field; third, the personal wear equipment and Beidou fusion will speed up; fourth, the demand of application in urban management will be larger; fifth, professional application, such as mapping, will be more convenient.

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