Industrial tourism getting popular
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By Zheng Bin

In recent years, industrial tourism has gradually arisen and is well received with its distinctive experience that is different from traditional tourism. "China is ushering in the era of mass tourism and people's demand for industrial tourism is increasingly obvious." The other day, Li Jinzao, director of the National Tourism Bureau, said at the National Industrial Tourism Innovation Conference held in Qingdao that it is necessary to vigorously promote the industrial tourism according to the concept of global tourism and develop the industrial tourism bigger, stronger and more wonderful.

It is said that in the next 5 years, the total number of tourist for industrial tourism will be more than 1 billion person-times, the total direct income of it more than RMB 200 billion yuan, the total comprehensive income realized will likely be more than 10 times of direct revenue, the new direct tourism employment more than 1.2 million people, and the new indirect employment driven will be over 6 million people.

Fervent industrial tourism

In THE WORLD OF TSINGTAO, the most famous industrial tourism attraction in Qingdao, visitors can browse the whole production line through a special channel to understand systematically the production process of beer brewing and taste the fresh original beer. A staff of THE WORLD OF TSINGTAO, Jin Yu, told the reporter that these industrial tourism projects have bring hot popularity for Tsingtao Beer. "More than 30 guides in the museum, even the curator, have all on duty. Each guide should serve at least 8 tour groups a day." Data show that only during the holidays of National Day this year, THE WORLD OF TSINGTAO has received 34 thousand visitors, an increase of 19.2 percent year-on-year; the sales revenue was RMB 2.186 million yuan, an increase of 15.1 percent year-on-year.

More and more enterprises have taste the sweetness of industrial tourism and launched various tourism projects such as the tour of Heilongjiang Daqing oil industry exhibition which includes The Iron Man Wang Jinxi Memorial Hall, Daqing Oilfield Historical Exhibition Hall, Petroleum Science Museum, and the Petrochemical Plant Exhibition Room; Hainan province has launched the Hainan nuclear power industry tourism project with three functional areas in its design including the image display area, interactive experience area and public science area. In the interactive experience area visitors can watch live video including the appearance of the nuclear power plant and the working scene of main control area with high-definition camera.

Some experts said, compared with the traditional tourism, the industrial tourism not only is for the tourism and leisure, but also can satisfy the curiosity and thirst for knowledge, let the tourists understand the city deeply, enhance their perceptual knowledge of business and technology and experience the connotation of enterprise culture which cannot be given by the traditional tourism mode.

Unbalanced development and undiscovered potential

At present, industrial tourism has become a new hotspot in China's tourism industry. Li Jinzao pointed out that the industrial tourism changes the process of standard mechanical modern industrial production into a process of tourism experience full of fun, changes the closed industrial area into a pleasant tourist area and changes the silent enterprise museum into the publicity column of enterprise spirit.

It is understood that compared with developed countries in the world, China's industrial tourism is still in its infancy. But China has formed a complete industrial system. It has 262 resource-based cities, 45 state-level high-tech development zones and 219 state-level economic and technological development zones. The industrial tourism has vast space and great potential. Especially the characteristic industrial towns developed in recent years have organically integrated the production, exhibition, cultural creativity, leisure and other functions which have opened up a new development space for industrial tourism.

According to statistics, China has 345 national industrial tourism demonstration sites and some 1000 provincial industrial tourism demonstration sites. In 2015, the reception number of tourists in national industrial tourism was more than 130 million person-times and the industrial tourism revenue reached RMB 10 billion yuan. It created direct employment up to 65 thousand people and indirect and seasonal employment 3 million people.

The development of China's industrial tourism is not balanced and some problems still exist. For example, some enterprises feel that the industrial tourism is high in investment and slow in output, thus the enthusiasm is low; part of the industrial tourism projects is at low level in marketization and is not operated and managed according to the market rules.

As the workshop design of most factories is used for production, when the tour teams inburst the workshop, the production operations may be affected. In order to facilitate both the tourism and production, enterprises either needs to set up tourism channels, transform and adjust the production processes, or needs to be equipped with professional guides and shuttle vehicles. The expensive upfront investment has worried some enterprises and prohibited them.

Multi pronged strategy promoting industrial tourism

In recent years, practice has proved that the industry has provided new resources for tourism, such as historical relics, high-tech innovation and production technology, and tourism has brought industry great added value, such as brand promotion, product promotion and publicity. With the further development of industrialization and booming of tourism industry, the industry and tourism has increasingly integrated and gotten win-win.

Zhang Hui, director of Department of Tourism Management of Beijing Jiaotong University, believes that industrial tourism is the best way to brand marketing, through the industrial tourism, consumers can understand the production process, product quality assurance and enterprise culture that increase the consumers trust in the enterprise and enhance the brand value of the enterprise unconsciously.

Director of planning and development department of Qingdao Municipal Bureau of tourism Yan Yi said, the eight national industrial tourism demonstration base including Haier, Tsingtao and Hisense and rich provincial and municipal industrial tourism demonstration sites in Qingdao are pieces of fresh and beautiful name card, which can expand the influence of the city and improve the overall image of it.

Liu Wentao, person in charge of Qingdao Port cruise project, thinks that industrial tourism has combined the historical cultural heritage and modern tourism elements and integrated the universal resources. It pays attention to the interaction experience of the visitors, changes old industry into cultural tourism classics and transforms the boring exhibition experience into the interaction experience of high quality. Its market prospect is worth looking forward to.

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