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Jessica Hsuan hit by truck and injured
Last Updated(Beijing Time):2005-08-08 14:16

Jessica went to San Francisco, USA, in end Jul for a concert performance. Upon her return to Hong Kong, she discovered the muscles of both her hands were swollen and this caused her immense pain. It turned out that when she was filming "Legend of Ah Wong" at an outdoor setting in early Jul, she was hit by a small truck and hurt both her hands' muscles and tendons. Now she needs to visit a Chinese chiropractor for external medication and also take Western medicine orally. Jessica said: "I don't know when I will recover."

At around noon last Saturday (30 Jul), Jessica was seen alone, with no make-up, at one of the Chinese chiropractic clinics. Although she discovered the reporter raising a camera to take her pictures, she still kept a smile on her face. But she hurriedly stepped inside the clinic without stopping as she wanted to arrive before 12 to take a queue number?(my guess coz i can't read cantonese) for her turn. From what the reporter could see at the place, although Jessica was a public figure, she had to wait like any other patients, for her turn to be treated.

Half an hour later, Jessica left the clinic, it ws obvious that her left hand had medication applied on it. Although it was drizzling at that time and having to use an umbrella was not surprising, Jessica used 2 hands to carry the umbrella. Perhaps it was due to her injuries that she could not use too much strength.

After this incident, the reporter called up Jessica and learned that she was already hurt in early Jul. At that time, she had just finished the day's outdoor filming for "Legend of Ah Wong" and was chatting with her fans. Suddenly, a small truck reversed and her natural, reflex action was to use her hands to block the truck on its rear window. Although she was not badly hurt at that time, she could feel pain in both hands. She thought it was not a big deal so when she got home that night, she only applied some ointment herself.

However, since she came back to Hong Kong from San Francisco, there was a 180-degree change. Jessica said : "Maybe after that flight, the muscles became affected by the air pressure and both my hands became very swollen. I went to see the doctor immediately after i landed in Hong Kong the next day. The doctor said it was the inflammation of the muscles and hand tendons. It was only then that I knew how serious this was. Now I have to see the chinese chiropractor everyday and eat western medicine."

Initially, Jessica only accepted treatment using chinese medicine. Now she combines both Chinese and Western's medication. She said: "In the beginning, I needed medication to be applied on both hands but now it depends on their conditions. The Chinese chiropractor pointed out that western medicine can be used together with his treatment. So now I am using acupuncture as well as taking oral western medicine."

Regarding the injury from this accident, Jessica angrily said: "Getting hurt is secondary; what I am most dissatisfied with was the driver's attitude which lacked remorse. Now it is in the police's hands, waiting to go to the court. Maybe that particular driver thought that because I am a public figure, I will be afraid of losing "face" and will not turn up in court to press charges. But I am not such a person. I will certainly pursue this."

Seriously affected her Life:

Now jessica has to see the chiropractor everyday for treatment. In the morning after she is done with washing up, the first thing she has to do is see the doctor. She said: "Because I need to apply the chiropractic medicine for 6 hours, after applying in the morning, it will be removed in the evening. Only then can I bathe. Although I can bathe as per normal, this has affected my life seriously. The chiropractor has reminded me not to exert too much strength with my hands. So even the way I drive now has to change, I cannot place my hands at the top of the steering wheel, but at its sides. In addition, when I take my dogs out, I can only take the obedient ones so that they will not use too much force to pull me. Going to supermarket also requires my family members' help to carry things."

But Jessica's biggest headache is her trip in mid Aug with Roger Kwok to Singapore for promotions. During these 3 days of promotions, she will not be able to receive treatment. She said: "Three days is a short time. I will be going to countries in Europe in end Aug for TBVI's promotions which will last 1 to 2 weeks. The doctor actually never said when it will fully recover. I believe it will take a long time."

Source: Asianfanatics

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