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Users cheated by fake breast-plump pill
Last Updated(Beijing Time):2006-07-04 15:22

A company advertises on 17 TV channels that its pills can transfer body fat from a woman's hips to her breasts, but a recent study showed that the pills don't work, Youth Daily reported today.

The company began promoting Bolibao, the Chinese name of the pill, earlier this year. It said that the pills contain pawpaw and kudzu root, which can plump-up breasts.

A lot of customers were attracted by the advertisements and bought the pills, which cost about 900 yuan (US$113), for one treatment period. But later, hundreds of customers complained to the company because the pills didn't have any effect.

A woman, whose alias is Beibei, said she had some acne on her face after using the pills for a month, but her breasts size didn't increase.

When she called the company, the salesperson congratulated her and said the acne was a sign that her breasts would soon begin to grow, as a second "growth spurt." The salesperson even persuaded her to buy another box to consolidate the effect.

Beibei spent 3,000 yuan in total on the "magic" pills, but it only left her with sore breasts and caused her an internal secretion disorder.

Beibei said the models in its advertisements moved her because they had obvious changes after taking the pills. But the study showed that the models were all hired by the company for 30 yuan a day and their images were graphically modified.

An expert said it isn't scientific to say that pawpaw and kudzu root can affect a woman's breast size. Besides, using the root for an extended period of time can cause internal secretion disorder and harm a woman's health.

A franchisee of the pills said the company described it as a health-care product, which is considered a safe, sanctioned good.

The franchisee said the company spent 52 million yuan every month in advertisements and earns at least 2.4 million yuan every day from sales.

Source:Shanghai Daily 
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