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Asia's tallest man Wang Fengjun's life
Last Updated(Beijing Time):2006-07-14 10:24

In the past, Asia's tallest man Wang Fengjun (L) played numerous roles in TV series, and now he has become more popular. (file photo)
When a giant appeared in Jilin's Great East Gate Square on Monday (July 11), passers-by stopped to watch him with surprise. Some of them went up to take photos with him, while he played flute and saxophone for them.

He was named Wang Fengjun, 26 years old. This was his second time to visit Jilin City of Jilin Province, mainly for publicizing a businessman's merchandizes.

Wang was born in a common rural family in Sanmenxia, Henan Province, and had five brothers and sisters. His family members were normal, but not with Wang. His body began to dramatically change when he was 13, and from then on his height increased 10 cm every year 2.55 meters high in 2005, when ceased to grow further.

His agent Mr. Zhang says, Wang's hypophysis structure is different from others, and he is even taller than Bao Xinshun, the tallest man in the world listed in the Guinness book of world record. The NBA star Yao Ming is 0.29 meter lower than he.

Wang's weight is 180 kilos, and the shoes that fit him are hard to find. He was lucky that a clothes producer in Jilin and a shoe maker in Zhejiang provided him clothes and shoes annually.

Recently Wang has signed a contract to be an artist with a company in Jilin. In the past he played numerous roles in TV series, and now he has become more popular. Many companies would invite him to participate in their promotion activities. Meanwhile, he still practices flute and saxophone regularly, and he is very good at magic. Zhang has a high opinion of Wang's singing skill too. He is currently for some original songs suitable for Wang to sing. 
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