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Busy parents use PC camera as baby sitter
Last Updated(Beijing Time):2007-08-17 11:37

A parent is observing his daughter through a PC camera. The parent installed a PC camera at home to keep an eye on his daughter who was locked at home alone in Xi'an, northwest China's Shaanxi province. [Photo:]

For kids, summer vocation is the time to run wild, but for their parents, it is a time of big headaches.

Troubled for not having time to take care of his daughter at home during the summer vacation, a parent installed a PC camera at home to keep an eye on his daughter who was locked in the house alone in Xi'an, in northwest China's Shaanxi province, reported Chinese Business View, a local newspaper, on Wednesday.

Liu Hua and his wife come from southwest China's Sichuan province and they are running a shop in downtown Xi'an, selling digital hardware. Since they are too busy to take care of their eight-year old daughter during the summer vocation, Liu came up with the idea of installing a PC camera in the house so that they can watch over their daughter and make sure she is safe.

Through the camera, they see that their daughter always idles about in the house with no one to talk to and no one to play with.

"We know she is quite lonely," Liu tells the newspaper, "but we have to go to work everyday to make a living."

Liu is by no means the only parent that is stuck in this situation. Some parents choose to send their children to summer schools and some leave their children to their grandparents, depriving the joy of summer holiday from kids.

"Parents should spend as much time with their children as possible," says Li Xinzhou, a teacher from Xi'an University of Arts and Science.

The most effective way to communicate with children is to join them in various social practices, Li advises.

As to using a PC camera to monitor children's behavior, Li says it is an improper move since it will give the children the feeling of distrust from their parents and probably will result in a misunderstanding between parents and children.
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