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Dolphin conservationists locked in seesaw struggle
Last Updated(Beijing Time):2011-08-13 13:00

Conservationists have made efforts to raise public awareness and attract the attention of the government. The WWF launched a poll on its official microblog to inspire people to join in lobbying for strengthened protection for the Yangtze River dolphins.

The measures proposed by the poll include upgrading the dolphins' protective status, urging people to become volunteers, reducing sewage discharges and urging the government to enforce laws regarding overfishing.

Volunteer Chu Chuanhui from the city of Tongling uses his spare time to stage campus drives for river dolphin protection.

"The functional extinction of White-Fin Dolphins in the Yangtze River many years ago has sounded an alarm regarding the river's ecosystem. We must rescue the Yangtze River Dolphins from encountering the same tragedy," said Chu.

White-Fin Dolphins, which lived in the river for over 25 million years, have not been seen in the river since 2006.

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