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Migrant children will not suffer from school cancellation
Last Updated(Beijing Time):2006-09-03 15:37
 Xian Lianping, deputy director of the Beijing Municipal Education Bureau, said yesterday that the decision to clear out some schools for migrant workers' children that are prone to accidents is aimed to protect the safety of migrant workers' children. Cancellation of these schools will not affect their education.

For the time being, the Beijing municipal government will let those children go to various public schools or private schools in the city to receive education. It will rectify schools built for migrant workers' children that are prone to accidents. For schools where construction quality of the school dorms is poor and hygienic condition of the school canteen does not meet required standards, the Beijing Municipal Educational Bureau will order them to stop their operation.

At present, there are 200 schools of this kind, of which only 49 are approved by the government. In order to make sure that migrant workers' children can receive compulsory education in Beijing, just like the native children, the Beijing municipal government has taken measures to encourage public schools to enroll more students. The municipal government has also allocated more educational funds to these schools.

Xian said that in 2004 and 2005, the Beijing municipal government allocated 68 million yuan and 69.24 million yuan respectively for migrant workers' children's education. For the 49 schools that are permitted to offer education for those children, the Beijing municipal government has donated 4.9 million yuan worth of educational facilities to them. In 2005, the municipal government allocated 7.5 million yuan for construction of five additional schools for children who move from place to place very often.

Xian pointed out that the biggest problem is to estimate how many migrant workers' children there are in the city. According to the latest figure, there are now 370,000 of them who are at school age in Beijing, and 63% of them receive compulsory education in the city's public primary schools. 
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