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Promote or protect, Georgian wines need a way out
Last Updated(Beijing Time):2010-10-04 15:01

To be or not to, that's where the rub is.

But to be what is even a bigger rub for Georgian wines.

For years now Georgian wines have been caught in between, more often than not, a self-contradiction.

That is, whether to promote through publicity or to protect via intellectual property rules, despite the fact that the country is well-blessed with wine brewing advantages: Black Sea-saturated humidity, mild and frost-free winters, abundant natural springs and mineral riches drained from the Caucasus down to grape-growing valleys.

Georgia, that claims to be one of if not the earliest places in the world to grow grapes and make wines, has just formed a promotion-orientated association -- Georgian Wine.

The society has 21 member vintners but almost all of the 11 administrative regions of the South Caucasus country make wines through hundreds of wine makers.

It was not the very first time for Georgia to have wine promoters but all the afore-going ones have failed and therefore become extinct.

After several years of efforts, Georgia has finally got 18 names of wine-making places or geographical "Appellation d'Origine Controlee" or AOC in short registered with the European Union and will get due protection within the union from Jan. 1 next year.

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