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Overseas experts applaud Chinese president's speeches at Army Day celebrations
Last Updated: 2017-08-03 00:10 | Xinhua
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Chinese President Xi Jinping's speeches during the Army Day parade and a ceremony marking the 90th anniversary of the People's Liberation Army (PLA) have been applauded by many overseas experts and scholars.

"President Xi's speech at the Army Day celebration was powerful, befitting of a rising power with long and rich history," ANM Muniruzzaman, president of Bangladesh Institute of Peace and Security Studies (BIPSS), told Xinhua on Tuesday.

"It is also very much an inspiring message to the members of the PLA," Muniruzzaman added.

"He (President Xi) also touched on the need to be ever ready for any eventuality which is a requirement of any professional military. The need is specially important because of the bitter memories of the past and the current uncertainties of the strategic environment," said Muniruzzaman.

Beijing has always remained committed to the principle of peaceful rise, said Muniruzzaman, who has extensive experience in United Nations (UN) Peace Support operations.

"Rarely in history has a country risen to a great power status without violent conflict and war, China is an exception. It has shown the path that peaceful rise is possible. It has also taken tremendous efforts to solve its border disputes with almost all of its neighbors peacefully," the analyst said.

"A rising China that follows this policy of peaceful rise does not only make the ground for internal development, but is also a force for regional and international peace and stability," he added.

President Xi confirmed in his speech at the Army Day celebration that China is a peaceful power, which is ready anytime to defend its political and economical interests, said Richard Turcsanyi, director of Stratpol, a Slovakia-based think tank, on Tuesday.

"President Xi just repeated the key message of the Chinese strategy. He also clearly showed that China is prepared to defend (against) any aggression. This is undoubtedly a pragmatic and logical position," Turcsanyi said.

Meanwhile, Lucia Husenicova, director of the Institute of Asian Studies, Slovakia, said the speech highlighted the peaceful settlement of any potential conflicts.

"The peaceful political and economic relations in Asia and in the whole world create the core of the Chinese foreign policy. The economic growth means the political stability as well," said Husenicova.

Lukas Visingr, a security analyst, underlined the growing role of the Chinese Army, which has improved its quality in terms of personnel and technology.

"China is a global superpower in the economic point of view. It needs to confirm its position also in the military field in the world, just for the reason to prevent any potential attack or aggression. Nevertheless, the primary role of the Chinese Army is to defend the country and ensure its stability and economic development," said Visingr.

"Over the past few decades, I have personally witnessed the ever-changing development of China and saw the great achievements China has made in various fields," said Jean-Marie Bossy, executive director of the Swiss-China Cultural Exchange Association and a Swiss scholar.

"As the president said, your great country, 'is closer to the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation than at any time in history,' and I insist that your progress and development are peaceful and help the world," Bossy said.

Zhao Yuan, the honorary president of China Association for the Promotion of Peaceful Reunification, commented that, "China's growing economy and increasingly strong defense force will only benefit the stability and development of the world and will not cause any so-called 'threat' to the world."

Koh Chin Yee, CEO of Singapore's Longus Research Institute, said China's comprehensive strength has improved in the recent decade.

Koh said this is reflected not only in the economy, science and technology, and culture, but also in the military. "It will benefit the stability and development of China, which, as we expect and believe, will push forward cooperation and win-win in Southeast Asia and bring prosperity and advances."

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