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Su Xianzhong, born in a Dehua ceramic family, is the fourth-generation successor of Yunyu Porcelain. It is a time honored brand and according to Su Xianshong, there are rebellious elements in the works of each generation of "Yunyu Porcelain".

My great-grandfather successfully enlarged the skill of Dehua, kneading porcelain flowers to an independent system, which is the current system used now in Dehua.

Actually, my great-grandfather expanded the whole subject matter of Dehua.

When I made my first contact with sculpture at an early age, my first goal was to be as capable as my father in making extremely realistic objects.

If you ever see my works, you will not believe all those were actually made by the same person because my thought has been leaping and this may be my unique language for expression.

During the process of creation, Su Xianzhong always keeps himself both in and out of the world. Flowing out from the fingers, his love and resentment, affection and emotions turned into sculptures one after another.

What is tradition? It requires the newest and most leading elements you have to be creative to let your work be filled with vitality, and then you become the representative of tradition.

Su has always insisted on personal expressions and expanded the connotation and extension of the mud world from different aspects because he wanted the world to see the modern Dehua porcelains.

What the Europeans knew about Dehua was the knowledge 500 years ago and they have gradually forgotten Dehua as time passes by.

Therefore, we want to let world porcelain lovers gain a new understanding of Dehua and you must do this with a new attitude. This means we should try all the possibilities we have today and demonstrate them for all people to see.

Su shows his character strength, soul, rage, love and resentment in his works during constant subversions and explorations.

Dehua, known as the "Fujian treasury", is a famous porcelain production area in ancient China, which together with Jingdezhen of Jiangxi and Liling of Hunan were known as the three porcelain capitals in China. Dehua porcelain had been exported overseas with the maritime Silk Road since the Song and Yuan dynasties.

Dehua has been focusing on foreign trade since Song Dynasty and the Maritime Silk Road has been the channel for export of bulk commodities So the export has been continuing today.

The fire of Dehua kiln has never ceased. The discovery of Qudou Palace Ancient Site has witnessed the foreign economic prosperity of Dehua porcelain during the Song and Yuan Dynasties. Yueji kiln has been operating for hundreds of years creating countless beautiful porcelains. And now, determined ceramic artists are still continuing its everlasting porcelain history.

I think we should inherit the spirit, not the techniques.

You should have a natural control over your hand and this is not right, because you will pass it if your hand is like that right? It should be put up in a natural way.

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