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CPPCC members debate on culture industry
Last Updated(Beijing Time):2010-03-08 11:03


The industrialization of culture is always an interesting topic in a country with abundant cultural resources. Reporter, Xu Zhaoqun, wwatched the debate among CPPCC Members from the art sector on culture development.

While highly praising some private cultural enterprises, renowned film director Feng Xiaogang criticized the state owned art troupes for their poor management skills and constant demand for financial support from the government.

Feng Xiaogang, CPPCC member, said, "A small company, without owning super stars, big money and policy support, has developed so fast in a couple of years. Isn't it an example for others to follow?"

Feng was immediately refuted by Ni Ping, a famous film actress who insisted that Feng took the side of the private sector.

Ni then had support from vocalist Yu Junjian.

Yu Junjian, CPPCC member, said, "Vulgarity is dominating our stage. This is not what we should carry forward. Some so called artists occupy the Spring Festival gala with their vulgar acts and make it a commercial for their own business. "

The statement alluded to the popular comedian Zhao Benshan, who owns a large cultural business. Zhao's comedy at this year's gala drew heavy criticism for too much product placement.

Some CPPCC Members expressed their worries about the lack of support for museums and galleries.

Some pointed at the exhibition of precious artworks, and some blamed industrialized popular culture for damaging traditional art forms.

Zhang Huijun, CPPCC member, said, "John Woo's film Three Kingdoms changes history. It is absolutely rubbish."

No matter how furious the debate was, Members advocated for reform in the culture sector.

Yin Li, CPPCC Member, said, "Industrialization is bringing more money to the cultural sector. Various enterprises in the culture industry is good for improving their capability to withstand risks."

A divergence of opinions on cultural development is obvious when the economy prevails in society. Therefore harsh debate among the artists is not unusual. Even though a half day debate is not enough to reach any agreement, a relaxing atmosphere where the artists can speak their minds freely on the country's supreme political stage is extremely important for the development of a harmonious society. 
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