Consumer products expo showcases China's "dual circulation"2021-05-11
One of the key misunderstandings of China's new development paradigm of "dual circulation" has been that the world's second-largest economy is withdrawing to its domestic market and shying away from the world. Quite the opposite, Beijing continues to facilitate its huge domestic market to foreigners and the China International Consumer Products Expo is a good example.
New products, emerging industries shine at Hainan expo2021-05-10
With the COVID-19 pandemic still raging and the world economy continuing to drag, the first China International Consumer Products Expo (CICPE) has offered a stage on which enterprises can release new products and services in diverse areas, while tapping the development potential of the Hainan Free Trade Port (FTP) and the whole Chinese market.
Hainan new engine of nation's high-quality development2021-05-10
The Chinese economy has entered a stage of high-quality development, and the southern province of Hainan is spearheading the country's efforts to establish its new development paradigm.
Record holiday box office mirrors Chinese movie market recovery2021-05-07
China's box office revenue during the five-day May Day holiday ending on Wednesday hit a record high of nearly 1.67 billion yuan (about 258 million U.S. dollars).
Global investors flock to China amid improved business environment2021-05-03
Global investors' enthusiasm for the Chinese market seems unstoppable despite the COVID-19 pandemic, as the latest data showed that China successfully navigated the economic fallout in the turbulent year and became the top investment destination worldwide.
Belt and Road gains momentum in challenging times2021-04-29
Entering its eighth year of solid progress, the Belt and Road Initiative (BRI) is injecting growing impetus and stability into global cooperation in a world of uncertainties.
Livestreaming boosts China-ASEAN cross-border e-commerce2021-04-19
Thai-speaking tour guide Zhou Xingxing was skeptical when cross-border e-commerce company Tus-Innovation asked her to promote an 85-yuan (about 13 U.S. dollars) stylus to Thai consumers during a livestream weeks ago on Lazada, a leading Southeast Asian e-commerce platform.
Asian economy to grow 6.5 pct in 2021: report2021-04-19
The growth rate of the Asian economy in 2021 is expected to reach at least 6.5 percent and Asia should be a major engine for sustainable global recovery, according to reports released by the Boao Forum for Asia (BFA) Sunday.
Chinese company builds "green expressway" in Cambodia2021-04-06
With shuffling sounds, a batch of freshly produced stone was dumped to the ground. Before flying dust made its way out of the window, a giant "vacuum cleaner" over the plant sucked the dust into a sewage sedimentation tank.
China's first-tier cities tighten real estate policies2021-03-27
Under the principle that housing is for living in, not for speculation, real estate control measures across China are gradually evolving to tackle housing problems in big cities.
Geographical branding strengthens China's trade partnerships2021-03-25
A group of trucks carrying 50 tonnes of yacai, a mustard green native to southwest China's Sichuan Province, headed to Shanghai - a million-yuan cargo on its way to Germany and a growing European market.
Cross-border e-commerce to drive China's trade growth in 20212021-03-23
Cross-border e-commerce has become an increasingly important pillar of China's foreign trade, with over 10,000 traditional foreign trade firms going online for the first time last year.
22_副本.jpg How China's new five-year plan resonates with the world2021-03-23
China's 14th five-year plan has resonated with bigwigs participating in the China Development Forum 2021 as economists and business leaders shared their insights on how the country will embark on the future route.
China seeks ways to increase people's property income2021-03-18
With per capita disposable income growing steadily over the years, China has pledged in its development plans to increase urban and rural residents' property income through multiple channels.
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