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Home-grown automakers strive to improve product safety
Last Updated(Beijing Time):2009-09-18 10:47

By Chang Yanjun

Safety is the most basic and important performance for autos. In recent years, with the increasing development of China's automakers with self-owned brands, their input in terms of auto R&D, production and quality control has also increased year by year, which also makes the quality and performance of the autos with self-owned brands have a quiet great progress. The safety performance of autos has been paid more attention to by numerous self-owned auto enterprises.

As understood, in the C-NCAP evaluation result released by China Automotive Technology & Research Center in 2008, HQ3 from China FAW Group, Roewe 550 from SAIC Group and A3 from Chery have appraised with five-star safety performance with the scores of 47.9, 45.5 and 45.3 respectively, which makes people have a new understanding in the safety performance of autos with self-owned brands. In the C-NCAP evaluation result of this year, the self-owned brands also performed well with the achievements of three-star or four-star basically.

Insiders analyzed that over the four-year implementation of C-NCAP, the safety technical level of China's auto products has been elevated great, and the auto products with self-owned products has been assessed from two-star, three-star to five-star, which has reflected the persistent efforts of China's automakers with self-owned brands in terms of the safety performance improvement. Meanwhile, it has also illustrated that various auto enterprises have strengthened the input on the development of safety technologies, especially improved the design requirement on products' performance indexes and the standards of products' safety configuration in allusion to C-NCAP rules.

China FAW Group as one of the largest auto groups in China, does not only possesses HQ3's excellent achievement on the safety performance, its B70 under the self-owned brand Besturn has also taken safety performance as a key factor for the development of the complete auto since the beginning of the research and development, and in addition to the structural reinforcement of the complete auto body, the side curtain, air bag and well-equipped top electronic safety configuration have also been installed. It has been approved as four-star in the second batch of C-NCAP evaluation in 2007, and such an achievement was comparatively prominent at that time.

Geely Automobile Holdings Limited has taken safety performance as one of the important product competitiveness in recent years, and put up such a concept "Build the safest, most environmental-friendly and most energy-saved autos", placing safety performance on a vital position. Just guided by such a development concept, its products' safety assessment has been upgraded increasingly. Geely has also created Blow-out Monitoring and Brake System (BMBS), which is a significant breakthrough in China's auto industrial technologies.

To improve autos' safety performance, Great Wall Motor has invested RMB80 million yuan on setting up safety testing laboratory. As understood, since the initiation of Great Wall Motor's safety testing laboratory, various real auto crash tests have been implemented for 70-odd times, such as full frontal crash, 40 percent of offset crash, side crash, RCAR crash, 30-degree-angle rigid crash, frontal pole crash and the crash of anti-rear-end collision against trucks, additionally, sled simulation crash tests have been conducted for 40-odd times. At the same time, in order to meet the demand on conducting vehicle passive safety test, Great Wall Motor's safety testing laboratory has also initiated the project of pedestrian protection test and safety-belt anchorage test, and it is expected that the equipment for pedestrian protection test will come into official service in the early 2010. 
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