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"Chinese dream" to benefit China, world
Last Updated: 2014-05-10 16:35 | Xinhua
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During his tour of Europe in late March, Chinese President Xi Jinping expounded on many occasions on the "Chinese dream," a policy the new Chinese leadership has adopted to pursue peace, prosperity, happiness and social stability.

The Chinese dream is the dream for people's happiness, Xi said when delivering a speech marking the 50th anniversary of the establishment of China-France diplomatic relations.

As people across the world have all dreamt of the "Chinese dream" in their own way, it is no wonder that foreigners understand the notion upon first hearing it.

The concept of the "Chinese dream," first mentioned during a speech by Xi two weeks after he was elected general secretary of the Communist Party of China (CPC) Central Committee in November 2012, is considered a central mission of the new leadership.

The way towards realizing these dreams varies. China has chosen to realize its dream based on its own ways, in line with China's national conditions and the trend of the times.

China cannot copy the political system or development model of other countries "because it would not fit us and it might even lead to catastrophic consequences," Xi has said.

This proves that the path of socialism with Chinese characteristics is a path of peaceful development.

China has kept sober-minded about its status quo. China is still the world's largest developing country, Xi said when addressing the Korber Foundation in Berlin in March.

China will firmly stick to the path of peaceful development and pursue an independent foreign policy of peace, Xi said, and the country should not be compared to Mephisto, the demon figure in the German classic legend of Faust

"Today, the lion has woken up, and it is peaceful, pleasant and civilized," Xi said in a final speech after a trip to the UNESCO headquarters.

In essence, the "Chinese dream" means peace, prosperity, happiness and social stability, for which China strives for in a bid to bring mutual benefit to China and other countries.

The "Chinese dream" will benefit the world while opening up new opportunities for other countries to realize their own dreams.

When visiting Germany, Xi urged both countries' enterprises to optimize trade structure, develop targeted and complementary products that meet market demand, and increase the proportion of technology and service in bilateral trade.

China's sufficient internal impetus is driving the country's sustainable and stable growth, thus providing a huge market and opportunities for its cooperation partners.

"The new era presents new opportunities for China and Europe to boost their friendship and cooperation. China and Europe share common interests in pursuing development, and China will continue to view Europe as a strategic partner and support European integration," Xi wrote in an article published by Belgian paper Le Soir ahead of his visit to Belgium.

The realization of the Chinese dream helps other countries to realize their own dreams of peace and prosperity.

In pursuit of the "Chinese dream," China must comprehensively deepen reform and further open up, Xi stressed.

China is undergoing profound changes and the country's reform has entered a "deep-water zone," Xi said when addressing the students of the College of Europe.

"We know keenly that reform and opening-up is an ongoing process that will never stop. China's reform has entered a deep-water zone, where problems crying to be resolved are all difficult ones," said the president, adding that "what we need is the courage to move the reform forward."

In the next five years, China's exports are estimated to top 10,000 billion U.S. dollars while the accumulated value of China's foreign investment is projected to exceed 500 billion dollars.

The efforts of comprehensively deepening reform will not only provide strong momentum for China's modernization drive, but also bring new development opportunities to the world, Xi said.

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