China-Pakistan Agricultural Cooperation
Sugar crisis: Pakistani consumers take a costly ride of paying high prices2021-07-23
According to the data of Sensitive Price Index, sugar prices soared to Rs98-110 per kg in major cities of Pakistan in fiscal year 2021 as compared to Rs78-85 in the preceding year. The wholesale price in Karachi’s Jodia Bazaar rose to Rs100 per kg from Rs92 in the first week of the latest fiscal year, which started on July 1, forcing the retailers to charge Rs105-110 per kg.
Pak-China health food cooperation to further boost Pakistan export2021-07-21
"Since thousands of years ago, the Chinese have been working on the research of traditional medicines, and they are very successful. Pakistan companies want to do joint ventures with the Chinese and may do business in China, there are a lot of potentials,” said Hakeem Muhammad Usman, CEO of Marhaba Laboratories,(Pvt) Ltd.
Added value of aquatic products2021-07-19
Pakistan’s coastline is about 980 km long, bifurcated in two parts, Sindh Coast and Makran Coast. The Exclusive Economic Zone (EEZ) of Pakistan covers an area of about 240,000 square kilometers.
Market oriented solution to sugar problem2021-07-18
In the fiscal year 2020-2021, the price of sugar in Pakistan rose by about PKR 20 per kilogram, and the price of sugar in major cities soared to PKR98-110 per kilogram. Despite the increase in sugar production and imports, consumers had to pay PKR20-25 more.
Chinese, Pak experts launched books to promote climate-smart agriculture2021-07-15
In a milestone move, Chinese, Pakistani and Turkish researchers have published two English monographs on climate-smart agriculture as the world is struggling to maintain and increase agriculture production against the backdrop of growing climate change.
Inland aquaculture a potential area for Pak-China cooperation2021-07-15
“In Pakistan, fisheries is a big and emerging sector, especially inland fisheries,” Dr.Saeed Murtaza Hasan Andravi, director of Animal Sciences Institute, NARC told Gwadar Pro.
Turning Pakistan’s Agriculture into a Modern Sector2021-07-15
A policy webinar on the food security of Pakistan: Policy Practices for Technology Diffusion was held on Wednesday. The actionable policy measures that can transform the agriculture of Pakistan from a traditional sector to an innovative, value-added, and export-oriented sector were discussed by panelists from Pakistan and China.
Pakistani chilli to spice up China in August2021-07-13
Soaked in summer sun, 300 tons of chilli glow softly in the pilot chilli field in Lahore, Punjab, Pakistan. “The 300 tons of chilli we picked will be dried and exported to China in August,” noted Wu Guang, General Manager of Pakistan Subsidiary, China Machinery Engineering Corporation (CMEC), adding that it is the first time Pakistani chilli enter the Chinese market since 2020.
Pakistani seafood exporters see potential in export to China2021-07-12
"China is our backbone in exports. In seafood exports, China is the compulsory aspect of our sales," Suhail Firdous, CEO of Super Star Enterprise told Gwadar Pro.
Iron Brother China helps Pakistan enhance cotton production: PM’s aide2021-07-12
Iron Brother China is helping Pakistan enhance cotton production, a senior aide of Prime Minister Imran Khan said on Sunday afternoon.
Pakistani student to be bridge for Pak-China agricultural cooperation2021-07-06
“I want to be a bridge for the Pak-China cooperation in agriculture,” said Mansoor Ahmed Koondhar, a Pakistani student from College of Economics and Management, Northwest Agriculture and Forestry University (NWAFU), China.
Government to focus on promoting mango exports: Razak Dawood2021-07-03
Abdul Razak Dawood, Advisor for Commerce and Investment said that besides traditional markets, Pakistani mangoes were now entering the Australian and Japanese markets, while assuring that the current government would focus on providing all possible facilitation and support to mango producers and exporters to tap more new markets for enhancing the exports of mangoes. He said that taxes and duties on raw materials for mango packaging and processing would be abolished.
One step away for Pakistani cherries to enter China2021-07-01
Cherry is a fruit endowed with natural advantages. First, it is the first crop of the planting season and covers the input costs of other fruits. Second, it requires less water compared with other fruits. In addition, cherry is high-yielding with a short growth period, and its market value is high.
Chinese biological solutions set to transform saline sodic soils in Pakistan2021-06-30
“Chinese biological solutions hold great potential in transforming saline and sodic soils into fertile land in Pakistan,” said Dr Zhang Huaxin, Research Fellow and Director of the Research Centre of Saline and Alkali Land of the National Forestry and Grassland Administration of China, in an exclusive interview with China Economic Net (CEN).
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