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About us
  A brief introduction to China Economic Net (
China Economic Net ( is a major news website providing timely economic news reports, in-depth economic analysis, and an unparalleled combination of data relating to the rapid economic development in China in a single platform.

Sponsored by the Economic Daily, China's leading business newspaper founded in early 1980s, China Economic Net ( is currently the largest and most comprehensive economic information portal in the country.

Aiming at becoming the most authoritative source and data-bank of economic information in China, China Economic Net ( is accelerating the expansion of its service range in order to meet various kinds of needs from its clients and readers
  The development of China Economic Net (
In September 1999, China's Economic Daily went on-line. At that time, the on-line edition only had eight full-time employees. With an access speed of 2 megabytes, the on-line edition was able to update 100 to 300 news items daily. These reports were sourced from the printed edition of the Economic Daily and its subsidiary media resources.

On January 15, 2003, China Economic Net ( was designated by the Information Office of the State Council as one of the country's eight key media websites.

On the eve of the 10th National People's Congress and the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference, February 28, 2003, the new Economic Daily on-line edition was launched. This new on-line service updated 800 ĘC 1000 news items daily.

On July 28 of this year, China Economic Net ( was formally given the domain name for its Chinese edition and for its English edition respectively.

By the end of 2003, the number of full-time employees at increased to 90. The average age of the employees is only 28. The website can provide about 2,500 items of news in Chinese and Big 5 (original complex form of Chinese characters commonly used in Taiwan, Hong Kong and Macao areas) each day respectively, while about 200 items of information released in English online per day.'s Chinese Edition
China Economic Net ( has forged a unique position within China's internet media organizations with its Chinese edition, which provides news content support to twenty different channels including News Center, Macro-economy, Finance & Securities, Industries & Commodity Markets, Modern Life, Stock Market, Insurance, Medicine, Auto Industry, Real Estate, Home Appliances, Fashion, Travel, Communication, IT, Chat-room for well-known people, CE Index, and CE Forum.

The core strengths of lie in providing the content and analytics needed by its target readers, government officials, economists, professionals and business elite in China. The following four sections in's Chinese Edition can serve most information requirements from its readers.

  The news
News Center - To follow fast changing situations both at home and abroad, this channel includes six columns: Domestic Current Events, International Current Events, Sports Stand, Entertainment Sky, Social Scope, Science & Education, and Culture. Updated frequently with 800 news items daily, will bring the reading public an informative and lively understanding of our fast changing world.
  Feature Content
In this section, presents its readers with special reports, interviews and reliable data.

CE Index - Working with authoritative survey organizations, the Index will present the Active Index of Key Commodities, a collection of comprehensive data from more than 100 media groups and over forty TV stations nationwide. Readers will be given timely updates of the major six commodities in the Chinese market, including automobiles, computers, mobile phones, beverages, cosmetics, and video & audio appliances.

CE Chart ĘC In combination with global economic, industrial, and stock market news, CE Chart will allow readers to easily analyze various economic data with effective visual presentations.

CE Forum ĘC Provides an open forum for readers and specialists to express opinions and exchange views freely and frankly on various economic issues.

Celebrity Chat-room ĘC Is a "virtual" gathering place for government officials, economists, industrial experts, entrepreneurs as well as individuals involved in the "hot" topics of the day.
Provides media reports of financial information and in-depth analysis on stock markets, insurance, banking services, bond markets, etc. from leading domestic and international media. This section will provide more than 800 financial news items including instant trading quotations and expert commentary and recommendations. Through daily satellite data transmission from the Shanghai and Shenzhen Stock Exchange, this directory will be of great value to our readers.
  Industry and Market
This section consists of 8 major channels including pharmaceuticals, real estate, automobile, home appliances, fashions, tourism, communication and IT industry, each associated with a reliable database. Additional information is also provided on the building materials industry, chemical, food, and energy industries as well as advertisement, environment protection, transportation, and agriculture. With over 600 items of new updates a day, this section aims to analyze industrial policies, indicate market trends, and offer helpful business guidance.'s English Edition
With a view to an all-direction opening to the outside world and meeting the challenges brought by China's entry into the WTO,'s English Edition will serve all the people who concern themselves about China's development both in and outside of the country, by providing timely and reliable economic information.'s English Edition will not only translate major economic news stories from the Economic Daily Newspaper Group, but will also provide information sourced from other economic media organizations.

Currently the English Edition consists of six major parts, including China Report, World News, Business news, Industries, Markets, Insight, and Life. To follow some very important events home and abroad, it will organize relating special report columns on this website. The pages designed for readers overseas to further understand China will also appear under the title Facts about China.

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