Editor's Notes:Greece is a significant partner in EU and friendly country to China. The year of 2022 marks the 50th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations between China and Greece, and the China-Greece Year of Culture and Tourism. Economic Daily is cooperating with Naftemporiki, the largest and most important financial media in Greece, so as to share economic and trade information, and promote collaboration between two countries. The special column "Greek Economy", as the outcome of our cooperation, will provide news and information concerning Greek economy, investment, high-tech innovation, tourism, new energy, etc, and will serve as a window into the Greek and European economy.


The best spas in Greece

Since ancient times, Greece was very famous in the domain of wellness. The belief in the curative powers of mineral waters goes back to prehistoric times. Although most spas around the world incorporate practices from other ancient cultures, the practices of ancient Greece, inspired by Hippocrates and ...[More]


The Greek real estate success story and the opportunities for short-term leases

Greek real estate appears to be particularly attractive for foreign investors. According to data from the Central Bank of Greece, only in the first half of this year, investments reached 788 million euros, an amount increased by 61% compared to the corresponding period last year.[More]


Greek orchids have the name of Samos island!

Over 80 orchid varieties are cultivated and exported from Greece by two brothers from Samos, Manos and Nikos Garoufalis in the island of Samos, in Aegean sea.[More]


Challenges of Greek economy in 2023

Greek government's economic staff is proceeding with a redesign of the policy for 2023, as inflationary pressures are still strong, while there are concerns about the evolution of the GDP.[More]


Greece seeks leading role in the energy "chessboard" of East Mediterranean

In the midst of Europe's energy crisis, Greece is trying to come to the fore with a leading role in the Eastern Mediterranean region. Seismographic vessels' engines prepare to work at full capacity and the bar of expectations for results from natural gas exploration is rising.[More]


Greek exports withstand global shocks

Greek exports hit record high in the period January – September 2022 surpassing a 40 billion euro mark, boosting government revenues and the country's hope to become a more extrovert economy.[More]


Conversion of a medium-sized second-hand ship into a hybrid-electric

The conversion of a medium-sized conventional second-hand ship into a hybrid-electric propelled one is foreseen by a pioneering program of the General Secretariat of Ports, Port Policy and Maritime Investments.[More]


Dialectica: Among Europe's fastest growing companies

During the last five years Dialectica, which started operating in 2015, has been growing at a rate of 100% per year, profitable with a turnover of 50 million euros (2021). This year it will have an increase of about 40%. It has not received any financing from a bank or investor.[More]


Greek aquaculture sector in European markets

For the last several decades Greek aquaculture sector has gained a leading presence in Mediterranean aquaculture and now, in a new era of its history, it claims even higher performance.[More]


DBRS: How Greece could reach the "investment grade" goal

European Central Bank's fight against inflation will not be easy and Eurozone rates will keep rising for a long time, reckons Nichola James, Co-head of Sovereign Ratings, DBRS Morningstar. In an interview with Naftemboriki, she sounds the alarm for a recession in the Eurozone, while pointing out her co...[More]


Energy trade gets a boost

Energy cargoes are expected to set the "pace" in maritime transport, at least in the next year. According to the latest analysis by Clarksons, maritime trade up to 2023 is expected to increase by up to 4% for energy cargo transport. And this applies to oil, liquefied natural gas and even coal. The non-...[More]


Greek silver and goldsmith refinds its shine

2022 is an upswing for Greek Goldsmithing, Silversmithing and Jewelry, with sales reaching - as the president of the Panhellenic Federation of Artisan Silversmiths, Jewelers and Watchmakers (POVAKO), Petros Kalpakidis, says in "N" - those of 2019.[More]


Greek logistics center moves towards new era with 3.0 billion euros investments

The Greek logistics sector is moving into a new era of changes with deals and projects worth more than 3 billion euros expected to change the map, as an even growing number of investors and real estate developers turning towards developing logistics infrastructure in the Attica region and beyond.[More]


Greek CEOs remain confident for the prospects of the economy, see need for change

The energy crisis will probably lead global economy to recession. However recession will be mild and will not last long. That is what the majority of CEOs believe according to a KPMG survey. Greek CEOs are among the most optimistic ones. 82% of them feel confident about the growth prospects of our coun...[More]


Ellinikon: A new Metropolitan Park and Prototype City in Athenian Riviera

A new Metropolitan Park and Prototype City is building in the area of the former international airport of Athens, in Ellinikon, the coastal front of Greek capital.[More]


The second hand bulk dry cargo market is in "recycling" mode
- Greek ship owners have bought 99 ships worth 2.17 billion dollars

Strong mobility in the second hand bulk dry cargo market was demonstrated last week by the Greek ship-owners. With the percentage of the bulk carriers’ fleet under construction being consistently very low (6.75%), the pool to meet the capacity demand from shipping companies remains very specific, effe...[More]

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EU tries to solve its energy problem

There is still a risk that Germany will run out of natural gas next winter, according to the Federal Network Agency. At the same time in France, the ongoing three weeks’ strike at TotalEnergies oil facilities, continues to cause petrol shortages. Situation is improving according to the government, but...[More]

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Greece aims to expand its tourist season
- How it plans to become a winter destination

"Wanna feel 20 again? With warm winter temperatures up to 20℃, Greece is the place to be" states one of the billboards slated to appear in London, Berlin, Oslo and other capitals around Europe. It features an image of an older couple lounging on a yacht with wine glasses in hand. [More]

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Greek economy shows strong resilience, outlook positive

Greece is expected to enjoy one of the highest GDP growth rates among European countries this year and to maintain positive growth rates in 2023 despite the international turmoil, the consequent energy crisis, the high inflation rate and rising interest rates.[More]

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Tailwind for renewable energy sources in Greece

Greece is looking towards a “green” future. For the first time in history, the production of electricity from renewable sources in the country has exceeded the production from natural gas, even without taking into account the contribution of large hydroelectric plants. [More]

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