Editor's Notes:Greece is a significant partner in EU and friendly country to China. The year of 2022 marks the 50th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations between China and Greece, and the China-Greece Year of Culture and Tourism. Economic Daily is cooperating with Naftemporiki, the largest and most important financial media in Greece, so as to share economic and trade information, and promote collaboration between two countries. The special column "Greek Economy", as the outcome of our cooperation, will provide news and information concerning Greek economy, investment, high-tech innovation, tourism, new energy, etc, and will serve as a window into the Greek and European economy.


Greek ship owners dominate shipping industries

The fleet of Greek ship owners consisted of 4,110 ships, with a total capacity of 349.2 million dwt and 204.3 million gt , according to the updated report of the Hellenic Maritime Cooperation Committee of London (Committee).[More]


Greek-Chinese maritime cooperation

Greek company MAST Maritime Services S.A and Zhoushan Huafeng Shipyard, sealed their new collaboration at a special event at the Cultural Center "Stavros Niarchos", in Athens.[More]


Foreign direct investments in real estate, increased by 68% in Greece

Foreign direct investments in real estate increased by 68% in 2022 compared to 2021, according to data recorded by the Bank of Greece.[More]


Big appetite for ready-to-eat meals

The Greek market of ready-to-eat meals is developing rapidly. Both the retail and food industries are claiming a share of the "pie", that exceeds 10 billion euros.[More]


Safe Bulkers: Investing in green technologies

Safe Bulkers expects that beginning from next decade alternative green fuels will enter to the shipping industry. This is pointed out in an interview with Naftemporiki by Dr. Loukas Barbaris, the president of the shipping company listed on the American stock exchange.[More]


High expectations for Greek exports

Greek exports made an impressive beginning in 2023, showing an increase of more than 30% compared to January 2022. This is a development that strengthens the estimation of Greek exporters, for a new record of export activity this year.[More]


Greek GDP growth rate faster in the EU in Q4 2022

Greek GDP grew by 5.9% in 2022, recording the highest quarterly growth rate in the Eurozone, after a 5.2% growth rate in the fourth quarter of 2022 compared with the same period in 2021.[More]


Women in shipping: Gianna Simoni - One of the first Greek captains gives her own advice

"To dream. If you don't dream it, there's no reason to do it. Any profession if you don't dream about it, there is no reason to do it. And let them reach where they can and where they can't, as Kazantzakis would say."[More]


Kenotom: Investing in Greek university graduates

Kenotom is not a typical case of a Greek company. On the contrary. A company based in Thessaloniki has multinationals in the automotive sector as its clients and is growing steadily, creating jobs and making sure to provide training and motivation to its workforce.[More]


Greek exports are poised to break new records in 2023

Greek exports are poised to break new records in 2023, after setting new records in 2022, with the aim of surpassing the barrier of 70 billion euros.[More]


Cruise industry is recovering dynamically in Greece

Cruise industry is recovering dynamically in Greece, said Mr. Giorgos Koumbenas, the president of the Union of Cruise Ship Owners and Shipping Agencies EEKFN, speaking in conference on the protection of the environment from the emissions of docked ships.[More]


Athens Stock Exchange was the top performer among 99 stocks markets

The Athens Stock Exchange was the top performer among 99 stocks markets across the globe in the first two months of 2023, with the general index of the market gaining 21.45% and the market’s capitalization rising by 19.49 billion euros.[More]


Greece's UAVs ready for "take off"

Greece's "Archytas project", for the development of UAVs is gaining track. Other similar projects for Greek drones are also making progress. The Minister of National Defense, Nikos Panagiotopoulos, informed the Parliament about the steps that have been taken.[More]


Chinese tourists have already started to come to Athens

Chinese tourists have already started to make their appearance in the center of Athens, after the reactivation of direct flights, connecting Beijing and Greece. Direct flights between Beijing and Athens have been suspended, due to the pandemic.[More]


Plan for a "green" fleet in Greek coastal shipping vessels

The Greek Ministry of Shipping and Island Policy is proceeding with the planning for the replacement of coastal shipping vessels, with the aim of reducing gas emissions and transitioning the fleet towards "green".[More]


Greece near EU average in green transition, lags behind in digital transition

Greece is close to the EU-27 average in green transition process and is currently above the EU average in the use of renewable energy sources for heating and cooling, but lags in digital transition, the Centre of Planning and Economic Research KEPE said in analysis report.[More]


The Greek startup behind a new blood test that saves lives

Two brothers from Patras (Peloponnese) are entering the global biotechnology market to present a life-saving product: A diagnostic blood test that detects aneurysms, cerebral and aortic.[More]

COVID-19 vaccines at a packing line of the Sinovac.jpg

Greek-Chinese memorandum of cooperation in shipbuilding and financial institutions

A memorandum of cooperation signed online between the Shanghai Lujiazui Financial City Council and the Association of Banking and Finance Executives of Hellenic Shipping aims to bring China closer to the financing of Greek shipping.[More]


Greek banks poised for stronger profitability in 2023

Greek banks are expected to enjoy increased profitability in 2023, paving the way for the first dividend payment to shareholders since 2008, led by increased revenue from higher interest rates and an estimated significant credit expansion, particularly to enterprises.[More]


Increase of investments is the key for the Greek Economy

Increasing investment during 2023 is the big gamble for the Greek economy, in order to maintain a positive growth rate, given the uncertainty surrounding the Eurozone's growth.[More]


Why Carlsberg gives Greece a vote of confidence

The Olympic Brewery factory in Sindos is evolving into a production and export hub, as the flagship brand of the parent group Carlsberg is produced in Greece. [More]


European and Chinese companies compete for 750 urban buses in Greece

European and Chinese automobile manufacturers compete for 750 buses for The Athens and Thessaloniki public transport system. At least four European groups and two Chinese will claim the new buses for the urban transport organizations of Athens and Thessaloniki (OASA and OASTH). The competition is promo...[More]


Over 4,000 Chinese vehicles from Piraeus port to Europe

According to the data available to "Naftemporiki", from mid-December until last week, three cargoships, belonging to the Cosco group, have tied up at the major port of Greece, which brought in containers about 4,000 cars. Most of them, according to the information of "Naftemporiki", have already set fo...[More]


Europe: Billions for green technology

More subsidies, less regulation: The EU has to invest billions in green technologies to strengthen Europe as a business hub. According to Commission President Ursula von der Leyen, European Union is going to invest hundreds of billions of euros in climate-friendly technologies to save Europe as an indu...[More]


Sunlight Group: Lithium Energy Storage Systems and Industrial Batteries

More than 35 facilities (production plants, distribution and R&D centers) in 12 countries and three continents, employing more than 3,050 people reflect Sunlight's dynamism-a Greek company, targeting the Top in Lithium Energy Storage Systems and Industrial Batteries.[More]


The new Archaeological Museum at Plato's Academy, in Athens

A few days ago, the first prize of the architectural competition for the new Archaeological Museum of Athens at the Plato Academy (Akadimia Platonos) was announced. The winner is the architectural office of Giorgos Tsolakis, whose team guides us through the rationale of the design and the steps towards...[More]


China's contribution to the logistics development in Greece

China's contribution to the reshaping of the port-centric freight sector in Greece is significant, with the gradual development of modern freight hubs, which may have direct access to port, rail and road infrastructure.[More]


Eurozone growth back on track

Things are looking even better for the eurozone economy as a whole. Again, January saw the third rise in the composite S&P Global Composite Purchasing Managers Index (PMI) and a 7-month high,at 50.2 points (+0.9 from the previous month).[More]


An interactive and digital healthcare provider

After three years of battling with the pandemic it has become clear how important interactive, digital solutions are in the field of health.[More]


Greek economy on track for a positive course in 2023

The Greek economy has shown a strong performance in 2022 and moves towards a positive 2023 amidst a global geopolitical and economic turmoil.[More]


Trading in Piraeus port closed in December with a significant increase

The significant increase in container handling in the last month of 2022 from the port of Piraeus managed to limit losses on an annual basis, affected by the slowdown in the global economy.[More]


Traditional "teaspoon" sweets of Greece

In ancient Greece, the dessert consisted of fruits, sweets and nuts and other delicacies. The apples of Corinth, also called or Ephyra, were also delicious There were also cherries, kumara, pomegranates, medlars (mespila) and berries (moura), blackberries, corromila, melons and watermelons.[More]


The Greek startup ecosystem is growing at high speed

Despite challenges and adversities the Greek innovation ecosystem "grows" and evolves. According to data from Elevate Greece, the country hosts more than 600 startups that employ approximately 5,900 employees.[More]


The re-industrialization of Europe is more necessary than ever

The energy crisis and inflation have made things very difficult for the European economy. According to German economist Marcel Fratzscher, "five risk factors could plunge the eurozone economy into a deep recession": The escalation of the conflict in Ukraine, energy supply problems, a disruption in supp...[More]


Chinese tourist market in Greece is making a dynamic restart, through Air China

Chinese tourist market in Greece is making a dynamic restart through Air China, after the lifting of travel restrictions in China, having already included the direct Athens-Shanghai connection last December, after Beijing." It is another milestone for us in the Greek market, after 2017 when we started ...[More]

Photo 1 from Left Mr Fan He Yun, General Manager Greece, Air China, Ms. Ioanna Papadopoulou, Ambassador of China ,Mr. Xiao Junzheng, and Ms. Li Ying, Counsellor_副本.jpg

The most expected science list of 2023

The scientific community is working feverishly in every field of science and technology, and the year that has just begun is expected to provide humanity with many important discoveries and achievements. Let's take a look at some of the most important science stations of 2023.[More]


Santorini remains top travel destination in winter, arrivals hit record in 2022

Santorini broke new records in air travel passenger arrivals in 2022 and it is on course to reach new all-time highs this year. [More]


Ageing of wines at the bottom of the sea

Among a few countries in the world that follow the ageing of wines at the bottom of the sea, Greece will soon be included. A country, with a rich wine tradition, surrounded by the sea, is about to create for the first time the necessary institutional framework with a bill of the Ministry of Development...[More]


Holiday recipes from Greece

Greek chefs and nutritionists recommend traditional veal for New Year’s Eve. From sweet pumpkin and tofu patties, to delicious kourambies, gnocchi and famous Greek melomakarona, for tasty holidays![More]


Interest rates will continue to rise in Eurozone in 2023

The Christmas message from central banks in US and EU shook many investors: interest rates on both sides of the Atlantic will continue to rise in 2023.[More]


European industry has many challenges to overcome in 2023

European Commission has given permission for the German government to support troubled natural gas importer Uniper with up to 34.5 billion euros.[More]


500,000 euros for a Golden Visa in Athens, Mykonos and Santorini

Citizens of third countries will now have to spent more money for the acquisition of the Greek Golden Visa. The Greece Golden Visa Program is a residence by investment program launched in 2013 that enables non-EU nationals and their family members to obtain permanent residence permits in Greece. The re...[More]


What happens to football players when they play overtime?

The World Cup in Qatar ended with intense and thriller games where in many cases the players of the teams did not manage to resolve their differences in the ninety minutes of regular time and extra time and penalties were needed as happened in the amazing final between Argentina and France.[More]


Profits of the listed companies on Athens Stock Exchange soar

Twenty-one listed companies on Athens Stock Exchange of mainly large capitalization showed a total net profit of 3.744 billion euros. The companies announced results for the first nine months of 2022, against a profit of 1.47 billion euros for the same period of 2021. The country's largest commercial a...[More]


The Chinese shipyards for LNG carriers are moving forward at full speed

The opening of the Chinese shipbuilding industry to the construction of LNG carriers is a strong alternative solution for Greek shipowners, who are looking for free slots, which do not exist, in South Korean shipyards.[More]


Greek Marbles: Timeless superiority never goes out of fashion

Greece has always been a marble - oriented country and well known for the superiority of its marbles, together with the great history behind them.[More]


Greek stock market returns to positive ground by year end

The Greek stock market has managed to return to positive ground in the last month of the year, having spent the biggest part of 2022 in negative territory amid the Ukraine crisis, the energy crisis, high inflation and the continuing pandemic.[More]


UBS: How Greece can "float" in an ocean of insecurity

2022, a year of international conflict and energy crisis, forced households, businesses, governments and central banks to face the great "enemy": high inflation. This“enemy”will be with us for a long time, warns Themis Themistocleous, head EMEA Investment Office at UBS (United Bank of Switzerland) in...[More]


Air China is increasing connections between China and Greece

Chinese market is gradually gaining particular importance to Greek domestic tourism industry, with passenger traffic recording an upward trend from 2014 until today - proving to be particularly resilient even in the midst of a pandemic.[More]


China's ambassador in Greece, Xiao Junzheng in Naftemporiki's Conference: Building walls undermines international trade rules

An economic and business conference entitled "Greek Economy and Entrepreneurship - Challenges and Opportunities in an Unforeseen Future" was organized on the 29th of November by "Naftemporiki". [More]


Digital Nomads: The new era offers once in a lifetime opportunities

Greece offers an open invitation to anyone that wishes to work in the mother country of great philosophers, history and amazing events.[More]


A Greek company into the Lunar Gateway

SPARC is a small Greek company founded in 2016 by researchers who met in research and university institutions. The purpose of the company is the preparation of research studies and the support of organizations and companies that plan, implement and manage operational space missions. [More]


The best spas in Greece

Since ancient times, Greece was very famous in the domain of wellness. The belief in the curative powers of mineral waters goes back to prehistoric times. Although most spas around the world incorporate practices from other ancient cultures, the practices of ancient Greece, inspired by Hippocrates and ...[More]


The Greek real estate success story and the opportunities for short-term leases

Greek real estate appears to be particularly attractive for foreign investors. According to data from the Central Bank of Greece, only in the first half of this year, investments reached 788 million euros, an amount increased by 61% compared to the corresponding period last year.[More]


Greek orchids have the name of Samos island!

Over 80 orchid varieties are cultivated and exported from Greece by two brothers from Samos, Manos and Nikos Garoufalis in the island of Samos, in Aegean sea.[More]


Challenges of Greek economy in 2023

Greek government's economic staff is proceeding with a redesign of the policy for 2023, as inflationary pressures are still strong, while there are concerns about the evolution of the GDP.[More]


Greece seeks leading role in the energy "chessboard" of East Mediterranean

In the midst of Europe's energy crisis, Greece is trying to come to the fore with a leading role in the Eastern Mediterranean region. Seismographic vessels' engines prepare to work at full capacity and the bar of expectations for results from natural gas exploration is rising.[More]


Greek exports withstand global shocks

Greek exports hit record high in the period January – September 2022 surpassing a 40 billion euro mark, boosting government revenues and the country's hope to become a more extrovert economy.[More]


Conversion of a medium-sized second-hand ship into a hybrid-electric

The conversion of a medium-sized conventional second-hand ship into a hybrid-electric propelled one is foreseen by a pioneering program of the General Secretariat of Ports, Port Policy and Maritime Investments.[More]


Dialectica: Among Europe's fastest growing companies

During the last five years Dialectica, which started operating in 2015, has been growing at a rate of 100% per year, profitable with a turnover of 50 million euros (2021). This year it will have an increase of about 40%. It has not received any financing from a bank or investor.[More]


Greek aquaculture sector in European markets

For the last several decades Greek aquaculture sector has gained a leading presence in Mediterranean aquaculture and now, in a new era of its history, it claims even higher performance.[More]


DBRS: How Greece could reach the "investment grade" goal

European Central Bank's fight against inflation will not be easy and Eurozone rates will keep rising for a long time, reckons Nichola James, Co-head of Sovereign Ratings, DBRS Morningstar. In an interview with Naftemboriki, she sounds the alarm for a recession in the Eurozone, while pointing out her co...[More]


Energy trade gets a boost

Energy cargoes are expected to set the "pace" in maritime transport, at least in the next year. According to the latest analysis by Clarksons, maritime trade up to 2023 is expected to increase by up to 4% for energy cargo transport. And this applies to oil, liquefied natural gas and even coal. The non-...[More]


Greek silver and goldsmith refinds its shine

2022 is an upswing for Greek Goldsmithing, Silversmithing and Jewelry, with sales reaching - as the president of the Panhellenic Federation of Artisan Silversmiths, Jewelers and Watchmakers (POVAKO), Petros Kalpakidis, says in "N" - those of 2019.[More]


Greek logistics center moves towards new era with 3.0 billion euros investments

The Greek logistics sector is moving into a new era of changes with deals and projects worth more than 3 billion euros expected to change the map, as an even growing number of investors and real estate developers turning towards developing logistics infrastructure in the Attica region and beyond.[More]


Greek CEOs remain confident for the prospects of the economy, see need for change

The energy crisis will probably lead global economy to recession. However recession will be mild and will not last long. That is what the majority of CEOs believe according to a KPMG survey. Greek CEOs are among the most optimistic ones. 82% of them feel confident about the growth prospects of our coun...[More]


Ellinikon: A new Metropolitan Park and Prototype City in Athenian Riviera

A new Metropolitan Park and Prototype City is building in the area of the former international airport of Athens, in Ellinikon, the coastal front of Greek capital.[More]


The second hand bulk dry cargo market is in "recycling" mode
- Greek ship owners have bought 99 ships worth 2.17 billion dollars

Strong mobility in the second hand bulk dry cargo market was demonstrated last week by the Greek ship-owners. With the percentage of the bulk carriers’ fleet under construction being consistently very low (6.75%), the pool to meet the capacity demand from shipping companies remains very specific, effe...[More]

bulk dry cargo_副本.jpg

EU tries to solve its energy problem

There is still a risk that Germany will run out of natural gas next winter, according to the Federal Network Agency. At the same time in France, the ongoing three weeks’ strike at TotalEnergies oil facilities, continues to cause petrol shortages. Situation is improving according to the government, but...[More]

energy europe_副本.jpg

Greece aims to expand its tourist season
- How it plans to become a winter destination

"Wanna feel 20 again? With warm winter temperatures up to 20℃, Greece is the place to be" states one of the billboards slated to appear in London, Berlin, Oslo and other capitals around Europe. It features an image of an older couple lounging on a yacht with wine glasses in hand. [More]

greece tourism1_副本.jpg

Greek economy shows strong resilience, outlook positive

Greece is expected to enjoy one of the highest GDP growth rates among European countries this year and to maintain positive growth rates in 2023 despite the international turmoil, the consequent energy crisis, the high inflation rate and rising interest rates.[More]

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Tailwind for renewable energy sources in Greece

Greece is looking towards a “green” future. For the first time in history, the production of electricity from renewable sources in the country has exceeded the production from natural gas, even without taking into account the contribution of large hydroelectric plants. [More]

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