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Study Report: US, the biggest failure to contain pandemic
Last Updated: 2021-08-17 17:22 | Gwadar Pro
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Editor's note: The article reflects the author's opinions and not necessarily the views of Gwadar Pro.
by Shabana Syed
A recent study focusing on the failure of US's handling of the Coronavirus pandemic, which has led to over 35.53 million infections and more than half a million Americans dead, inadvertently highlights US disregard for human lives in pursuit of geo-political ambitions.
The joint study released by three reputable think-tanks in Beijing argues that despite being one of the richest countries in the world with advanced medical care facilities the US's handling of Coronavirus pandemic is a "disaster." This fact was also affirmed in March 2021 by an Australian think tank, Lowy Institute, which had assessed the management of the pandemic of nearly 100 countries and ranked America and Brazil in the lowest group.
The report, titled America Ranked First? The Truth about America's fight against Covid-19, was compiled by researchers from Chong-yang Institute for Financial Studies at Renmin University (RDCY), Taihe Institute, and Intellisia Institute and points out the need for US to contain the pandemic domestically otherwise it will spread to other regions.
Since the outbreak of Covid-19 the US's political elite initially ignored the severity of the virus but did see it as an opportunity for political point making in its trade war with China. President Trump blatantly called it "the Chinese virus" and basically used the same narrative found in a 2011 Hollywood Movie Contagion, in which China is blamed for Covid-19. Conveniently the Hollywood film was released in the same year President Obama had announced the US 'Pivot to Asia' strategy to contain China.
In the meantime, Trump took every opportunity to malign China in the hope of influencing countries in Europe and Asia to stop buying Chinese goods.
The joint report by the three think-tanks have exposed the lack of effort by the US government stating its "pandemic prevention and control, policy measures, and source investigation went against science and common sense" and these were the direct reasons why the United States is a "failed country in fighting the pandemic".
This failure is evident from the rising infection rates; early August 2021 Centres for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) announced the average number of new U.S. Covid cases has risen to about 84,000 per day, almost 30,000 more than a week ago.
The report also stresses that for the US government "political interests far outweigh the lives and health of American citizens", resulting in not only failing to contain the virus but also obstructing and "wilful destruction of global resistance to the pandemic."
This "wilful destruction" involves blocking medical aid and food to countries the US wants to carry out regime change operations, like Cuba, Iran, and Venezuela. Venezuela for example paid for Covid vaccines for its people, but the US blocked the payments, preventing vaccines reaching the country. Cuban Permanent Representative to the United Nations Pedro Luis Pedroso Cuesta stated that "The entire world knows that the US blockade against Cuba is a genocidal and criminal policy, which really harms the Cuban people especially amid the Covid-19 pandemic."
The report also points out how the Covid pandemic in the US has exacerbated racial and class divisions and questions why most Americans are facing poverty and homelessness, while the rich billionaires have made $1.3 trillion and saw their net worth increase by nearly 45%.
According to US Department of Labor, over 76 million Americans lost work between March 21, 2020 and January 23, 2021. While 18 million were collecting unemployment benefits. More than 100,000 businesses have already closed. This however did not stop the delusional mainstream media from ignoring the glaring social tensions and disparities with Bloomberg stating that the US was the "best place to be in the Covid era".
Unlike China's government which provides financial and material resources to help the public during lockdowns offering free accommodation and food, the US offers meagre help, even President Biden's proposed $1.9 trillion COVID rescue package was passed through Congress reluctantly. However, the same Congress eagerly sends 3 billion to Israel with US taxpayers' money every year.
The Chinese study highlighted another important issue, the fact that "20 million US citizens were still traveling abroad in the wake of the pandemic", adding the country has shirked "its responsibility with the global spread of the pandemic."
It is not clear if the "20 million" includes the large contingent of American troops sent mask-less without precautions to countries where the US is involved in conflict. In March 2020 when most western countries were in lockdown, a fleet of 450 American soldiers and troops from allied countries UK and UAE landed in Yemen, raising the question, aren't the US troops continually located and relocated in Yemen, Syria, Iraq, Ukraine, Philippines, Japan spreading the virus, or are they exempt?
The think-tank study highlights concern, that while nations are responsibly containing the virus through lockdowns and social distance procedures, Biden's administration is busy pursuing policies aimed at containing China and Russia.
This is evidently clear with US Vice President Kamala Harris, who instead of focusing on detention camps on the US Mexican border where small children are held suffering from Covid infections and sexual abuse, is taking a trip around Southeast Asia under the slogan "America is back" to drum up allies against China.
While US weaponizes the Virus and plays the blame game, Washington has, as Chinese officials stated, opened up "a pandora's box". Leading the international community to question the operations of the Fort Detrick facility which according to Guardian article in 2008 is a "vast germ warfare laboratory" producing "stockpiles of the world's most lethal bacteria and viruses".
China's report also criticised the US's push for gathering more intelligence about the origins of the virus, arguing that "Instead of curbing the global spread of the virus, the United States has engaged in "virus origin tracing terrorism".
This "virus origin terrorism" is clearly a reference to President Biden's request for CIA to investigate the Virus's outbreak in China's Wuhan lab. Even though World Health Investigations did not find the outbreak linked to Wuhan, one can only assume that this investigation is part of the US's policy to 'contain' China. Especially when it was a US report in 2020 by scientists for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) which reported that research from Italy and France indicates coronavirus might have been circulating among people in several countries before it was identified in China. The CDC report also stated that tests of blood samples taken in the United States from December 13, 2019 revealed evidence of antibodies for the Covid-19 virus, known as Sars-Cov-2. The samples were taken more than two weeks before the December 31 official confirmation of the outbreak in the city of Wuhan.
The Chinese report has summarized that the international community should investigate the United States for origins of the virus as it is the "country where the virus spread," and the "country where the global response to the virus has been devastated."
One can only assume that the upcoming CIA report will be politically driven, considering its former CIA Director Mike Pompeo admitted that in the CIA "we lied, we cheated, we stole". The same motto led the US intelligence services to fabricate the Iraq dossier about weapons of mass destruction and led to the deaths of millions of innocent people.
If one reads the points highlighted by the Chinese report and examines the facts on the ground, one can assume that the US government is not interested in the origins of the Coronavirus but rather in global hegemonic ambitions and countering China and Russia.
This article originally appeared on Gwadar Pro

(Editor:Fu Bo)

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Study Report: US, the biggest failure to contain pandemic
Source:Gwadar Pro | 2021-08-17 17:22
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