Govt stresses RMB products to hedge risks2022-05-28
Financial institutions should optimize their products and services to help trade companies better hedge against foreign exchange risks and facilitate the use of the renminbi in cross-border settlements, China's three government departments said in a joint notice.
China's central SOEs to ease strains for small firms, nurture growth2022-05-26
China's centrally-administered state-owned enterprises (SOEs) will help struggling small businesses address pressing difficulties and shore up growth, said a circular unveiled Wednesday.
China unveils multiple fiscal policies to support virus-hit sectors2022-05-26
China's finance ministry on Wednesday rolled out multiple fiscal measures to further help market players overcome difficulties and sustain development.
China details measures for better use of existing infrastructure, assets2022-05-26
China has detailed measures to put infrastructure and other existing assets to better use, as part of efforts to boost effective investment and reduce government debt risks.
Stronger efforts urged to boost growth, jobs2022-05-26
Premier Li Keqiang called on Wednesday for heightened efforts to ensure economic growth in the second quarter and bring down the unemployment rate, saying that the government's aid packages must be extended to all eligible businesses.
Towards a beautiful countryside, China charts roadmap for rural construction2022-05-25
A strong agricultural industry, beautiful countryside and well-off farmers -- this is rural China described when speaking about the goal of the country's rural revitalization strategy for the upcoming decades.
Policy package set to steer China's economy back on track2022-05-25
China's cabinet has urged the implementation of a large-scale policy package, which is expected to bring the country's economy back on track amid downward pressure and tackle difficulties encountered by market entities, according to experts.
More macro measures seen2022-05-25
China has launched a new package of fiscal and monetary support to alleviate difficulties facing market players as part of the country's policy mix that might further unfold in the coming weeks to offset a rise in economic challenges, experts said on Tuesday.
China pledges greater credit support to stabilize economy2022-05-25
Chinese authorities have pledged to increase credit issuance and enhance financial support for key businesses and fields.
Nation seen at forefront of global growth2022-05-25
China's huge economic scale, the strong resilience of its economy and high-level opening-up will mean it remains one of the most appealing destinations for foreign investment, providing new opportunities for global stakeholders, experts said at the annual World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland.
Innovation drive expected to help boost recovery2022-05-23
China's intensified efforts to unleash the power of innovation in driving development are expected to inject fresh impetus into world economic recovery, boost the digital transformation of traditional industries and promote higher-level trade and investment.
Opening-up to further boost global recovery2022-05-20
China's unswerving push for high-level opening-up will boost confidence in and create new growth engines for world economic recovery, according to global business leaders and analysts.
Govt mulls over more fiscal support2022-05-18
China is considering additional fiscal policy support while mounting an all-out effort to put existing measures into place, providing a strong buffer against downward pressures on the national economy, officials and experts said on Tuesday.
20220516b4a85bd6c2fe437d8fde5a5e0eacb39a_193ade77-c55b-44f0-afe8-b298c2362b31.jpg Highlights of China's economic development in past decade2022-05-17
China has made milestone achievements in economic and social development in the past decade, with its status as the world's second-largest economy cemented and improved, a senior official has said.
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