Appetizing Lanzhou beefs up beef noodles for foreign attraction2018-04-11
Lanzhou, capital of northwest China's Gansu Province and birthplace of Lanzhou beef noodles, has seen many foreigners learning to make noodles in recent years.
Austria keen to bring winter wonders to China2018-04-11
Elisabeth Kostinger simply enjoyed Beijing's early April spring sunshine, as it is still winter sports and ski season in her country of Austria.
Chinese researchers transform silk for use in skull surgeries2018-04-10
Few people think that silk can be used as a shield to defend the brain, but Chinese researchers have transformed the soft garment material into screws to stabilize skull bones in brain surgery.
Chinese scientists blame bats for spreading pig virus2018-04-09
Researchers have identified a coronavirus in horseshoe bats and confirmed it is to blame for killing some 25,000 piglets in China.
Early intervention urged for children on the autism spectrum2018-04-03
Chinese doctors called for more early detection and treatment for children on the autism spectrum as they observed the World Autism Awareness Day on Monday.
Smartphones are hurting our sleep2018-03-22
More than 60 percent of people born after 1990-the group that most actively uses smartphones late at night-do not sleep well, according to a report on the sleep patterns of Chinese netizens.
Young Chinese search for a good night's sleep2018-03-22
Doctor Sun Wei recalls a patient who downed a bottle of sleeping pills four years ago. The anxious family thought it was a suicide bid, but the patient said he just wanted to sleep.
Chinese "plant" trees on mobile phones2018-03-12
Renting a bike, taking the bus, or simply walking -- these daily activities can lead trees to binge planted in deserts in China, and hundreds of millions of Chinese are doing so.
Chinese scientists find facilitator in Zika transmission2018-03-07
Chinese scientists have found that LTRIN, a protein obtained from the salivary glands of Aedes aegypti, or yellow fever mosquito, facilitates the transmission of the Zika virus.
China's "single economy" provides business opportunities2018-02-14
While a rising number of single people worry their Chinese parents, the demographic shift has become a business opportunity for retailers and service providers.
Sell, buy English couplets to have a good, good year2018-02-13
English language couplets have become a new and stylish way among Chinese young people to celebrate the upcoming Spring Festival.
Wealth raises more attractiveness of males than females: study2018-02-13
Latest research shows economic status raises the attractiveness of males more than females, based on an experiment jointly conducted by scientists from China, the United States and Britain.
Emojis spin millions for artists, apps2018-02-12
Emoji-it's the newest intellectual property or IP in China's Creativeville that is spawning millions of yuan for its creators as well as peddlers.
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