Summer camps, study tours turn popular with Chinese parents2019-07-12
Spending over 20,000 yuan ($2,911) to send a 10-year-old child to a 10-day summer camp may appear a steep price for most Chinese parents. But for many like Jinan-based Zhao Qi, a white collar worker, the price is worth it despite the fact that it is four times the average monthly salary in the city in Shandong province.
Mahjong becoming more popular in US2019-07-09
Every Monday, about 100 women-mostly from the Upper East Side of Manhattan in New York City-gather at a Park Avenue restaurant for one thing: to play mahjong, a dominoes-like game that originated in China.
China's new 'maglev' heart to revolutionize heart treatment2019-06-23
Dubbed the "Chinese heart," China's independently developed magnetic levitation (maglev) heart has helped seven patients suffering from heart failure to return to a normal life, and is giving new hope to millions of Chinese who suffer from the same disease.
Asian restaurants mushrooming in China: report2019-05-17
Asian restaurants have been growing fast in the Chinese mainland as young Chinese develop appetites for diverse cuisines, a report showed.
Sky-high property prices force divorced couples to continue living together2019-04-10
In China's big cities today, a man and a woman living under the same roof may be one of several things: husband and wife; early-adult siblings, a spouse and an in-law; or, increasingly, former spouses.
Abusive work schedules in tech industry under fire2019-04-10
Activists are calling for more supervision over labor exploitation in an online crusade spearheaded by software developers against the so-called 996 work schedule, which is widely practiced in China's tech industry.
Tibet ready to welcome mountaineers' spring rush2019-04-04
The Tibet autonomous region has started its annual spring mountain climbing activities this week in expectation of welcoming 469 participants, the Tibet Mountaineering Sports Management Center said on Wednesday.
Survey: Workdays get longer as overall population ages in Beijing2019-03-19
The average number of working hours in Beijing has continued to grow, according to a recent report.
More turning to the bare essentials of life2019-03-15
The observation that less is more, first associated with the German-American architect Ludwig Mies van der Rohe more than 70 years ago, has been embraced by a growing number of minimalists seeking to rid their minds and living environments of clutter and counter frenzied consumerism.
The sorrows of China's "home-fear tribe"2019-02-01
An increasing number of Chinese decide not to make the homecoming. They either choose to stay in places where they work or simply go for travel.
Western art pieces in rare China show2019-01-22
Masterpieces of Western art from the 16th century to the 20th are currently on display at the Powerlong Museum in Shanghai.
What can aging China do to encourage child birth?2019-01-21
As China faces a low fertility rate and an aging population, what can be done by the government and the civil society to encourage child birth?
Silver-haired Chinese embrace mobile tech2019-01-16
An increasing number of Chinese elderly people are embracing the digital world, China Daily said Tuesday.
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