Chinese scientists have discovered that exposure to PM2.5 could significantly increase stress hormones in humans, as well as cause metabolic changes in blood glucose, amino acids and lipids.
Study shows hot weather makes people cranky2017-07-21
Do you feel it's easy to rage about something during the hot waves? Many people have suspected for a long time that if there is a causal relationship between heat and crankiness. A new psychological research result confirms that hot weathers do make people become cranky, according to a report published on Thursday.
"Belt and Road" among top Chinese media buzzwords: report2017-07-19
"Mobike," "AlphaGo" and "emoji package" were among the most frequently used new words in Chinese media in 2016, according to a report released Tuesday.
Kissing bias could have wider implications for cognitive, neuroscience: study2017-07-18
An international research team suggests that humans are hardwired to favour leaning to the right while kissing their romantic partners, which may have wider implications for neuroscience and cognitive sciences.
Drinking coffee could lead to longer life: studies2017-07-11
People who drink coffee appear to live longer, two new studies published in the U.S. journal Annals of Internal Medicine said Monday, providing further confirmation on the health benefits of coffee consumption.
Chocolate sweetens life in rural county2017-06-21
With European-style architecture and a sweet smell in the air, Aficion Chocolate Town in east China's Zhejiang Province is by no means a traditional food production base.
One third of world's population overweight or obese: study2017-06-13
More than two billion children and adults, or one third of the world's population, are now overweight or obese, according to a new study released Monday.
Survey shows more are staying single2017-06-07
More people born between 1980 and 1989 are remaining single compared to those who are 10 years older when they were at the same age, a survey released on Tuesday showed.
140 - 副本副本副本.jpg When social media becomes a waste of time2017-05-31
I have had enough chicken soup stories on WeChat that some of my friends always feel excited about sharing with their WeChat peers.
Love gets a lift from the youth league2017-05-27
Too busy working, with few chances to find a date? Single people in Zhejiang province in East China can embrace more chances to find love, starting in June, after the provincial youth league set up a department to serve them.
Chinese dragon boat team set new Guinness world record2017-05-27
A dragon boat team from south China's Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region Friday set a new world record for the longest distance covered by a dragon boat within an hour.
Need for quality healthcare nationwide2017-05-04
Although it's too early to evaluate the effects of Beijing's medical care reform, the first three weeks' trial since April 8 seems to have met people's expectations.
Role reversal: Children are teaching parents2017-05-03
Today's young people are reshaping traditional society, where knowledge was imparted by the old to the young, by helping the elderly enrich their lives with online technology.
140 - 副本副本副本.jpg Brain waves can tell how much students like their class: study2017-04-28
When students pay attention in class, their brainwaves show remarkably similar patterns.
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