Former luxuries now daily necessities, as China's door opens ever-wider2017-08-21
For almost 30 years, Dong Qiaofeng has sold tahini, an essential for many cold Chinese dishes, noodles and hot pot, at Beijing's Sanyuanli Market.
China's business environment easier for global firms: Laxton CEO2017-08-18
The business environment in China is becoming easier to navigate year by year, said Lyle Charles Laxton, CEO of the South Africa-based Laxton Group, whose technology and production headquarters are located in south China's Guangzhou.
China's investment in Cleveland, Texas, set an example for future development: U.S. mayor2017-08-17
The unique model of a large housing project in Cleveland, Texas, invested by a Chinese company, has set an example for the future development of the city, Mayor Otis Cohn said here on Wednesday.
China well-positioned to achieve steady growth: economist2017-08-14
China is well-positioned to achieve steady economic growth thanks to the development of the Belt and Road Initiative, according to a senior U.S. economist.
U.S. should resort to WTO rules, not unilateral tools, to settle trade disputes with China: expert2017-08-14
The United States should resort to rules of the World Trade Organization (WTO), not unilateral trade tools such as Section 301, to resolve trade disputes with China, a former White House economist has said.
Spotlight: Bashing China cannot solve U.S. economic problems, experts say2017-08-14
The U.S. government's threat to investigate China's trade practices is "politically expedient" and the unilateral move will harm mutually beneficial China-U.S. trade ties and ultimately hurt the American consumers, experts said.
China's sharing economy could drive global growth2017-08-14
China's sharing economy is booming. Not only is it growing rapidly across the country, but it continues to cast an increasingly larger influence on the global economy by spreading its innovations around the world.
Memo could lead to trade feud2017-08-14
US President Donald Trump is expected to sign a memorandum on Monday to announce whether the United States will take the next step toward investigating China's policies and practices on intellectual property, a move that would likely cause more tensions in bilateral trade.
Economy more resilient than thought2017-07-31
Once again, the Chinese economy has defied the hand wringing of the nattering nabobs of negativism. After decelerating for six consecutive years, real GDP growth appears to be inching up this year. The 6.9 percent annualized increase just reported for the second quarter exceeds the 6.7 percent rise last year and is well above the consensus of international forecasters who, just a few months ago, expected growth to be closer to 6.5 percent this year, and to slow further, to 6 percent next year.
No middle-income trap for China as restructuring moves forward2017-07-28
Making headway in restructuring, China is seen to have the will and the way to avoid the middle-income trap.
Spotlight: Should we worry about AI?2017-07-28
Spotlight:Should we worry about AI?"The ultimate power, in my opinion, is love, not AI, "Li said.
China strengthens financial oversight to contain risks2017-07-26
Ten days after China decided to set up a new financial oversight body, regulators and industry sources have expressed support to the move to strengthen regulation.
Commentary: Watch out for "grey rhino" in jungle of financial risks2017-07-25
Every major economy has its own "grey rhinos" -- big and neglected economic risks.
And so it begins - Robo-shops taking over China's retail sector2017-07-25
Paying for your groceries by scanning a QR code on your smart phone is a perfectly normal thing to do in China today.
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