W020170524262086287169_副本.jpg Kindergarten in Hebei holds activity to greet Dragon Boat Festival2017-05-24
The Dragon Boat Festival of this year will fall on May 30.
People in east China prepare for dragon boat competition2017-05-23
Local people were busy making preparations for the upcoming dragon boat competition in Jinjiang River.
China Exclusive: The ancient and modern treasures of the South China Sea2017-05-22
Anyone lucky enough to stroll on the white sands of Nanshazhou, a tiny islet in the middle of the South China Sea, should not be surprised to come across fragments of ceramics, hundreds of years old.
Traditional Chinese solar term Xiaoman falls on May 212017-05-22
Traditional Chinese solar term Xiaoman falls on May 21
W020170522268897349597_副本.jpg China Culture and Tourism Festival held in Toronto2017-05-22
Featuring Chinese traditional culture performances, papercut workshop and funny activities, the event introduced the beautiful attractions of China to Canadians on Saturday.
W020170519312110546325_副本.jpg International Museum Day marked in China2017-05-19
International Museum Day marked in China
New ideas shine on International Museum Day2017-05-19
A slew of events, including new projects and exhibitions aimed at appealing to visitors, were launched by various Chinese museums on International Museum Day Thursday.
Beijing restores imperial garden2017-05-19
An imperial garden in downtown Beijing's Beihai Park opened Thursday to tourists after a restaurant that had operated for 60 years was moved out as part of the city's campaign to protect its cultural heritage.
Annual cultural event "China through kids' eyes " held in Slovenia2017-05-17
Students from Slovenia's Ptuj dance at the annual cultural event called China through kids'eyes in Ljubljana, Slovenia, on May 16.
64006a484da31a78bbbb5a_副本.jpg Couple uses 200-year-old Qing Dynasty home as backdrop for wedding2017-05-08
They held their wedding ceremony in a Qing Dynasty (1644-1911) house the couple bought called Bao Jian Mountain Room.
Foreign students experience Chinese tea culture in E China2017-05-08
Ninety foreign students of China University of Petroleum and Shandong University of Science and Technology took part in an activity Sunday to experience traditional Chinese tea culture.
Palace Museum plans web-only tickets2017-05-08
The Palace Museum in Beijing, the most visited museum in the world each year, plans to stop selling paper tickets from its box office, perhaps by later this year.
W020170508297619396515_副本2.jpg Nile River in Egypt braces for Chinese dragon boat racing2017-05-08
The 2,000-year-old Chinese dragon boat racing has found a new waterway in Egypt's Nile River.
8th China Peking Opera art festival to be held in Nanjing2017-05-08
8th China Peking Opera art festival to be held in Nanjing
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