"Chinese Happy Heads in Brussels" photography exhibition held in Belgium2017-03-29
"Chinese Happy Heads in Brussels" photography exhibition held in Belgium
Qipao show presented on plank road built along vertical cliff in SW China2017-03-27
Women present Qipao, a traditional Chinese dress, on a plank road built along a vertical cliff of Jinfo Mountain in southwest China's Chongqing Municipality, March 26, 2017.
Confucius Institute, British University in Egypt ink Chinese language learning MOU2017-03-21
The British University in Egypt(BUE)signed here Monday a Memorandum of Understanding(MOU)with Confucius Institute at Egypt's Suez Canal University.
W020170321271026758585_副本320.jpg Legendary sunken treasure discovered in SW China2017-03-21
A centuries-old legend that a vast booty of treasure belonging to the leader of a Chinese peasants uprising was lying at the bottom of a river has now been proven true.
China's Mona Lisa now made of 6,000 tin cans2017-03-07
A 28.8 meter-long carved picture"Riverside Scene at Qingming Festival"made from over 6000 tin cans astonished visitors in northern China's Shanxi Province Monday.
China's cultural renaissance inspires lawmakers, advisors2017-03-07
Addressing the media during the Two Sessions, Chen said traditions need to be integrated into textbooks and to be taught and celebrated from primary school until college and beyond.
Feature: Qipao fashion show exhibits beauty, facet of rich Chinese culture2017-03-06
A fashion show on qipao, a stylish traditional Chinese dress for ladies, exhibited a beautiful facet of the rich Chinese culture to diplomats of different countries here at the African Union.
Research finds archaic human in northern China may not come from Africa2017-03-03
New evidence has emerged that prehistoric hominids in northern China might have been hybrids of the indigenous population and Europeans, challenging the popular view of humankind's African origin.
China Focus: China's design innovations bring "New Culture" to life2017-03-02
Almost a century on, the Red Mansion, a landmark of China's New Culture Movement, still attracts hoards of young people.
"Internet Plus" boosts China's local culture2017-02-28
The locally renowned singer and restauranteur explained that his performance was only made possible by a "cultural supermarket" launched by the local government.
Chinese people cut hair to makr "Er Yue Er"2017-02-27
Chinese people call it the day when the "dragon raises its head", which means the spring awakens after winter hibernation. People usually have their hair cut or hold celebrations to greet the day.
Feature: Byebye Bao Bao -- U.S.-born giant panda off to China2017-02-22
In tears and smiles, the giant panda team at the Smithsonian's National Zoo in Washington gathered on Tuesday morning, sending the U.S.-born Bao Bao off to her new home in China.
Unlicensed copycat cultural relics violate law2017-02-13
Thousands of forged terracotta warriors were on exhibition in Taihu county, East China's Anhui province, without the consent or authorization of officials overseeing the real ones.
Highlights of 2017 Toronto Lantern Festival2017-02-13
Highlights of 2017 Toronto Lantern Festival
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