New tourism campaign promotes China's world heritage sites in U.S.2017-10-16
An event for the new initiative "Beautiful China -- Journey Along the World Heritage" that seeks to promote China's 52 UNESCO World Heritage sites to tourists from the United States was held here Saturday.
China Focus: Digital archiving preserves Tibetan Buddhist artwork2017-10-13
In the morning, researchers and monks gather in front of a hall in Sakya Monastery, the earliest monastery of the Sakya Sect of the Tibetan Buddhism.
China Focus: Experiential bookstores boom in China2017-10-12
During this year's National Day holiday, Sun Wenxiao did not spend her holiday visiting crowded tourist destinations, watching box-office hit movies, or shopping.
China Focus: Confucianism, international perspective2017-10-12
In 2004, China began establishing non-profit public institutions which aims to promote its language and culture in foreign countries. As an educational organization from China, it was named the Confucius Institute in honor of the nation's most well-known and well-loved teacher.
Palace Museum announces tickets now only available online2017-10-11
The Palace Museum has announced that all entrance tickets are now being sold online, a move to save visitors from queuing to buy tickets at the gate.
Forbidden City adopts online-only ticket model2017-10-11
The Palace Museum in Beijing-China's former imperial palace, or Forbidden City-announced on Tuesday that it has begun to sell entry tickets solely through its online booking system, with few exceptions.
India-China Yoga College opens master's degree in yoga2017-10-10
India-China Yoga College(ICYC), China's first dedicated yoga college, opened enrollment for its new master's program on Tuesday.
Chinese musician performs traditional "Erhu" in Amman2017-10-10
Chinese musician Liu Guangyu, who is famous for his exquisite skills in the ancient Chinese two-stringed bowed musical instrument"Erhu, "brought a traditional concert with his ensemble here on Monday.
Cold Dew: 17th solar term on Chinese lunar calendar2017-10-09
Photo taken on Oct.8, 2017 shows dewdrops on rice leaves in the fields in Huaisi Town in Yangzhou, east China's Jiangsu Province.Sunday marked Cold Dew, the 17th solar term on Chinese lunar calendar.
Dragon Boat regatta enhances understanding of Chinese culture in Houston2017-10-09
Forty dragon boat teams were competing in the 14th Gulf Coast International Dragon Boats Regatta on Saturday and Sunday in Houston, Texas.
W020170929407485699282_副本.jpg Ceremonies held around China to celebrate birthday of Confucius2017-09-29
Ceremonies held around China to celebrate birthday of Confucius
Chinese opera, a gem of Chinese culture2017-09-28
As a gem of Chinese civilization, Chinese opera integrates history, literature, music, dancing, handcraft and martial arts.
Feature: Chinese-Italian panel discusses cultural exchange opportunities2017-09-25
Vice-Chairman of the Standing Committee of the National People's Congress of China Chen Zhu addresses the 15th edition of"China in the 21st Century"Forum in Rome, Italy, on Sept.23.
Documentary inspires public confidence in national achievements2017-09-22
A documentary has chronicled China's economic and social progress over the past five years, as the world's second largest economy is gearing up for a key Party congress next month.
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