W020170628587237770522_副本.jpg In pics: woodblock movable type printing in C China2017-06-28
The woodblock movable type printing of Tantou Town began its flourish period in Ming Dynasty(1368-1644)in the use of printing pedigree and farming issues, and gradually faded away with the development of computer and offset printing.
W020170628586450083699_副本140.jpg Lotus-themed Artworks exhibited in Paris2017-06-28
The exhibition"Glamour of Jao's Lotus:Exhibition of Lotus-themed Artworks by Professor Jao Tsung-I"is held from June 27 to July 2, presenting Jao's 30 pieces(or sets)of paintings and eight pieces(or sets)of calligraphy works.
W020170623317689507749_副本320.jpg Customers learn technique of movable-type printing at workshop in Qingdao2017-06-23
Custormers can learn the movable-type printing, one of the world's oldest printing techniques invented in China, in the workshop, which was established in Qingdao in 2013 and has 40 branches all over the country.
China to compile historical data about South China Sea2017-06-22
A project was launched Wednesday in China that will see researchers compile historical data obtained during expeditions to the South China Sea since the late 1950s.
Feature: Italian sculptor once follows legend to China, expects to ride China-Europe high-speed train now2017-06-19
In 1601, an Italian missionary named Matteo Ricci(1552-1610)entered the Forbidden City in Beijing, the Chinese imperial palace, opening a path for East-West cultural exchange that many people set foot on.
Auction features calligraphy by 4 emperors at over $7m2017-06-12
China Guardian's 2017 spring auction will be held in Beijing from June 19 to 23, featuring eight Chinese paintings and calligraphy pieces estimated at over 50 million yuan($7.35 million).
Feature: China's Hakka artists captivate thousands in central Mexico2017-06-06
China's Hakka artists captivated thousands of local people with exotic musical performances in central Mexico, before a four-day exhibition of Chinese intangible cultural heritage was wrapped up here on Sunday.
TCM's popularity growing abroad2017-05-31
Nanjing University of Chinese Medicine is cooperating with foreign institutions and training students to share traditional Chinese medicine - one of the world's most ancient therapies - with the world.
W020170524262086287169_副本.jpg Kindergarten in Hebei holds activity to greet Dragon Boat Festival2017-05-24
The Dragon Boat Festival of this year will fall on May 30.
People in east China prepare for dragon boat competition2017-05-23
Local people were busy making preparations for the upcoming dragon boat competition in Jinjiang River.
China Exclusive: The ancient and modern treasures of the South China Sea2017-05-22
Anyone lucky enough to stroll on the white sands of Nanshazhou, a tiny islet in the middle of the South China Sea, should not be surprised to come across fragments of ceramics, hundreds of years old.
Traditional Chinese solar term Xiaoman falls on May 212017-05-22
Traditional Chinese solar term Xiaoman falls on May 21
W020170522268897349597_副本.jpg China Culture and Tourism Festival held in Toronto2017-05-22
Featuring Chinese traditional culture performances, papercut workshop and funny activities, the event introduced the beautiful attractions of China to Canadians on Saturday.
W020170519312110546325_副本.jpg International Museum Day marked in China2017-05-19
International Museum Day marked in China
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