Surfing on land gains ground among youth2022-10-01
If you see a group of people bend their knees, hold their arms out, and swing their bodies around ... don't panic, it's not a zombie apocalypse, just a few surfskaters.
What would happen if China gives up current dynamic zero-COVID policy2022-10-01
With the 2022 ITTF World Team Table Tennis Championships opening Friday, some 60 teams from countries and regions across the globe are gathered in Chengdu, a city in the southwest of China which is restoring the normal order of life less than a month after a COVID-19 resurgence.
Ministry updates official dictionary of careers2022-09-30
China launched an updated State-level professions dictionary on Wednesday that includes 158 new professions such as cryptography engineer and financial technician, according to a dictionary of occupational titles issued by the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security.
More benefits to Chinese females over past decade2022-09-30
Over the past decade, benefits to Chinese women have further increased, as shown by a series of facts and statistics, according to a press conference Thursday.
Fossils in China reveal rise of jawed vertebrates2022-09-30
A trove of fossils in China unearthed in rocks dating back some 440 million years showed new fish species and provided concrete evidence of the origin and earliest evolution of the jawed vertebrates.
China to see temperature drop during National Day holiday2022-09-30
Most parts of China will experience a drop in temperatures during the upcoming week-long National Day holiday starting Saturday, an official said Thursday.
People encouraged to stay put during National Day holiday2022-09-30
Health officials are encouraging people to stay put for the National Day holiday, and cross-regional travelers are required to present negative COVID-19 nucleic acid testing results taken within 48 hours before boarding public transport.
Travelers favor short-distance tours during upcoming National Day holiday2022-09-28
China's domestic tourism market is showing an upswing in short-distance tour reservations for the National Day holiday mainly due to the effective COVID-19 containment measures that have brought recent local outbreaks under control across the country.
Determined efforts to mitigate drought impact in parts of southern China2022-09-26
Faced with a prolonged drought in parts of southern China, government officials and residents are making efforts to ensure sufficient drinking water and grain production.
Feature: Traditional Chinese medicine catches attention of university students in Cambodia2022-09-22
Nineteen-year-old Cambodian student Bou Sokcheat was all ears while a team of traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) experts on Tuesday was giving a lecture on the advantages and efficacy of TCM to nearly 200 students at the Asia Euro University (AEU).
1663550316091_副本.jpg China commemorates war against Japanese aggression2022-09-19
China commemorates war against Japanese aggression
Russian businessman witnesses decade of rapid development of China2022-09-18
After a day's work, Mikhail Karpechenko finally had time to sit at his desk and open a history book.
China's anti-COVID approach demonstrates unwavering human rights commitment2022-09-18
China has made it clear that it will adhere firmly to its zero-COVID strategy that has proven both pragmatic and effective.
AI-enabled virtual humans become a craze in China2022-09-14
Luya, a virtual singer who was admitted to a Chinese music college in this year's back-to-school season, stole the limelight recently.
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