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Chinese FM urges U.S. to adopt rational, practical China policies2021-10-19
A Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesperson on Monday urged the United States to forego its Cold War mentality and zero-sum mindset, view China and China's development from an objective perspective, form a deep understanding of the mutually beneficial nature of China-U.S. relations, and adopt rational and practical China policies.
China urges Japan to make clean break with militarism2021-10-18
Japan should be prudent about its words and actions on historical issues such as the Yasukuni Shrine and make a clean break with militarism, a Foreign Ministry spokesperson said Monday.
BRI nations called on to develop green energy2021-10-19
Vice-Premier Han Zheng called on Monday for joint efforts to enable the energy supply in countries participating in the Belt and Road Initiative to shift toward a more efficient, greener and diversified direction, as part of broader efforts to respond to climate change.
Li urges deeper China-Germany cooperation2021-10-19
Premier Li Keqiang said the sound and stable development of China-Germany relations is beneficial to both countries and the world, as he called on both sides to be committed to two-way openness and jointly deal with global challenges.
U.S. lies about Wuhan lab are motivated by geopolitics: report2021-10-18
U.S. lies about China's Wuhan lab are motivated not by science but geopolitics, and the purpose of this torrent of lies is to demonize China and the Chinese people, and to scapegoat them for a disease that has killed over one million Americans, the World Socialist Web Site said in an article on Tuesday.
Dialogue vital in ties with EU, says Xi2021-10-16
President Xi Jinping has called for the European Union to uphold strategic autonomy and work along with China to resolve their differences through dialogue in order to push forward their ties.
Chinese ambassador slams AUKUS pact as "textbook case" of nuclear proliferation2021-10-14
The AUKUS pact among the United States, Britain and Australia, which will enable Australia to build nuclear-powered submarines with technology provided by the United States and Britain, is a "textbook case" of nuclear proliferation based on the Cold War mentality and narrow-minded geopolitical calculation, a Chinese diplomat said Wednesday.
China-Laos railway set to boost commercial relations with ASEAN2021-10-14
The anticipated full opening by the end of this year of the China-Laos railway-an important part of the trans-Asian railway network-will significantly stimulate both trade volume and people-to-people exchanges between China and Southeast Asia in the coming years, said its investors and operators on Wednesday.
India urged to maintain tranquillity on border2021-10-14
China urged India on Wednesday to refrain from moves that would complicate boundary issues and take concrete actions to safeguard peace and tranquillity in border areas.
Official calls for more talks between Beijing, Washington2021-10-14
Recent interaction between China and the United States indicates progress is being made in bilateral relations, however Washington's assurance it will not indulge in a new "Cold War" must be backed with actions, according to one of China's most senior diplomats.
Declaration to advance ecological commitments2021-10-14
Participants at the United Nations Biological Diversity Convention have adopted the Kunming Declaration, as a two-day high-level segment of the 15th meeting of the conference of the parties to the convention, or COP 15, concluded on Wednesday.
Leaders hail Sino-German ties2021-10-14
The sound development of Sino-German relations over the past years has demonstrated that countries can avert zero-sum games to realize mutual benefits and win-win cooperation, President Xi Jinping said on Wednesday.
W020211014333034322056_副本.jpg In video call with Merkel, Xi urges enhanced ties with EU, Germany2021-10-14
Chinese President Xi Jinping met with German Chancellor Angela Merkel via video link on Wednesday. They reviewed the development of China-German and China-EU relations in recent years in a friendly atmosphere and had an in-depth exchange of views over relevant issues.
Indian military called on to show sincerity2021-10-12
A Chinese military official said on Monday that the Indian military made unreasonable and unrealistic demands during the latest corps-commander level talks between the two sides.
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