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Massive growth prospects for nation's dairy market over the next five years2018-12-13
China will see significant growth potential in the consumption of organic milk, yogurt and cheese products, fueled by increasing demand for premium products from quality-conscious consumers, according to a new report.
Chinese pharmaceutical companies boost exports to US2018-11-12
Chinese pharmaceutical companies boosted their exports to the United States at an exhibition in Las Vegas on Thursday and Friday, with an actual transaction of more than $2.3 million.
Chinese get taste for imported foods2018-11-08
At first glance Jiang Qin's small store in downtown Shanghai seems just like any other hole-in-the-wall, mom-and-pop grocery in China, if a little more cramped and messy.
Online drug tracing system in the pipeline2018-11-03
China will accelerate the building of an online drug tracing system for vaccine, anesthetic drugs and psychoactive drugs to ensure the safety of pharmaceuticals, the China Food and Drug Administration said on Thursday.
Dairy eyes big rise in consumption2018-10-29
A new report has labelled Chinese residents weak in knowledge and hence consuming low volumes of dairy products, suggesting there is significant growth potential for the domestic dairy industry.
Prices of 17 cancer drugs cut by 56.7 percent2018-10-12
Payment standards for 17 types of anti-cancer drugs newly included in China's healthcare security system, on average, 56.7 percent lower than their retail prices, according to National Healthcare Security Administration Thursday.
Herbal medicine thrives in Iraq amid unrest2018-10-11
The historical use of herbal medicine, also known as Arab medicine in Iraq, has thrived in the past few decades due to unrest in the war-torn country.
Health issues brewing as tippling takes off2018-09-26
Per capita alcohol consumption in China soared by almost 76 percent between 2005 and 2016, causing increasing health consequences, according to a report by the World Health Organization.
Experts deny rumors about GMO food2018-09-26
Experts have refuted recent rumors circulating about genetically-modified food which have caused public concern.
New list is the medicine for better, healthier treatment2018-09-06
Another 187 medicines, including 22 specifically for children and 12 to fight cancer, will be added to the national list of essential medicines, bringing the number of items on the list to 685, double the figure for 2009, the year it was introduced.
Whiskey sales booming as demand surges2018-08-30
Demand from the increasingly urbanized and high-income population, evolving tastes and consumption upgrade is boosting spending on whiskey among young Chinese consumers.
China advised to create drug brands2018-08-27
China should invest more in researching and developing new drugs, as well as intellectual property protection, even though generic versions of existing brand-name drugs can bring short-term benefits, said Margaret Chan, former director-general of the World Health Organization.
Cancer drug prices set to drop2018-08-17
A visitor checks out Xi'an Janssen Pharmaceutical Lower costs will improve access and reduce the financial burden on patients
未命名_副本.jpg Govt to lower prices of 14 drugs to treat cancer2018-08-13
China's medical insurance administration said it will lower the prices of 14 cancer drugs and instructed provincial-level drug-procurement platforms to follow the new standard by the end of next month.
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