Chinese novels make waves globally2017-01-06
Literary works from the mainland made a mark on the international stage last year.
Hidden books on Chinese subways met with mixed response2016-11-17
Lucky subway and taxi passengers in Beijing, Guangzhou and Shanghai might stumble upon a hidden book during their commutes.
Chinese sci-fi prepares to master the universe2016-08-23
On Sunday, a second Chinese author received the prestigious Hugo Award for science fiction, this time in the category of best novelette.
New book shows Chinese youth another side of Marx2016-07-31
The second edition of a book about Karl Marx, aimed at boosting the 19th-century thinker's appeal among young people, was published on Friday.
Chinese sci-fi writer shortlisted for Hugo Award2016-04-28
Chinese science fiction writer Hao Jingfang was shortlisted for the Hugo Award for her book"Folding Beijing, "according to Tsinghua University, where she is pursuing her doctorate.
9_副本148.jpg "Most beautiful bookstore" puts into trial operation in China's Hangzhou2016-04-25
"Most beautiful bookstore" puts into trial operation in China's Hangzhou
Chinese sci-fi novel international bestseller2016-02-03
The English edition of "The Three-Body Problem" by Liu Cixin has sold more than 110,000 copies worldwide since its debut over a year ago, its English copyright holder announced on Wednesday.
Publisher shows global path to contemporary literature2016-01-06
Pathlight magazine introduces contemporary Chinese literature and is published in several languages including German , Russian , Italian and English . Photos provided to China Daily.
8_副本140.jpg Spend New Year in bookstores across China2016-01-04
Readers spent New Year holiday in bookstore in north China's Tianjin Province, Jan.1, 2016.
38th Int'l Book Fair held in Zagreb2015-11-11
A visitor reads a Chinese book at the 38th International Book Fair in Zagreb , capital of Croatia , Nov . 10 .
Average Beijinger read 9 books in 2014: survey2015-10-31
Beijingers read nine books on average in 2014, up 17.13 percentage points from 2013, according to a survey released on Friday.
Hugo Award to open new chapter for Chinese sci-fi2015-08-24
Chinese writer Liu Cixin has become the first Asian author to win the Hugo Award for Best Novel, receiving the honor for The Three-Body Problem.
13_副本140.jpg For whom the robot's bell tolls2015-08-12
As technology advances, robots are replacing even higher-skilled workers, says writer Martin Ford in his new book Rise of the Robots.
Grave-robbing novel fans flood in China's scenic mountains2015-08-07
Fans of a grave-robbing novel are flooding into the Changbai Mountains in northeast China's Jilin Province this summer, hoping to witness the return of its protagonist.
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