More Chinese students summer at UK schools2017-08-14
When Chinese parents first sent their children to the UK for summer camps and courses, the kids stayed with host families and attended standard language schools. Now, some of the UK's most celebrated private schools are competing to attract Chinese children to their summer programs.
Top universities swamped by tourists2017-08-03
Student tourists leave the campus of Tsinghua University through its west gate after a tour organized by a local agency.
Students get second shot at education2017-08-02
Students who fail to make the grade at a university in Central China have been told they will need to transfer to a three-year college course.
Amazon ranks bestselling books in China2017-07-28
Amazon China, one of the largest online booksellers, unveiled the bestselling books in China for the first half of 2017 on Tuesday, disclosing Chinese people's reading habits.
Blind get access to College English Test2017-06-19
China's education authority pledged to keep improving the accessibility for students with disabilities to taking exams after five visually impaired students took the national college English test for the first time on Saturday.
Survey: Most Chinese want more education2017-06-16
The ratio of Chinese workers with a plan for further education is double that of workers in the United States.
CHINA-COLLEGE ENTRANCE EXAM-PREPARATION (CN) China's gaokao powers 40 years of progress2017-06-07
When China's national college entrance exam, gaokao, resumed in 1977, Huang Liang, breadwinner of his family, quit his job.
Education gap narrows for migrant workers' children2017-06-02
Instead of leaving children behind in their home villages, to be cared for by aging grandparents, more Chinese migrant workers are taking them to cities to provide better care and education for them.
AI robot to sit China's college entrance exam2017-06-02
Are artificial intelligence robots smart enough to sit the gaokao, China's national college entrance exam?
Xinhua Insight: Gaokao reforms aim at students' better future2017-05-18
As this year's "Gaokao," China's highly competitive college entrance exam, looms, educationalists are weighing up reforms to the system.
China to expand preschool education coverage2017-05-17
The central government Tuesday said it aimed to give 85 percent of preschool-aged children access to three years of kindergarten education by 2020, up 10 percent from the current ratio.
US, UK still top Chinese study sites2017-05-17
US President Donald Trump's arrival in the White House and Brexit in the United Kingdom have not lessened the appeal of these countries among Chinese students choosing an overseas education destination, according to a new report.
High school to be mandatory for all children nationwide2017-04-25
The country is to extend the current nine-year compulsory education to encompass high school students nationwide by 2020
School safety to be improved2017-04-18
Students who commit violent acts on campus will be severely punished, according to the central government, which introduced a number of measures to ensure safety in schools at the most recent executive meeting of the State Council, China's Cabinet.
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