China drafts new requirements on banks to curb liquidity risks2017-12-07
China's banking regulator announced new requirements on Wednesday for lenders to better guard the sector against liquidity risks.
China to further regulate financial markets2017-12-06
China will further regulate financial markets and get tough on illegal financial activities, deputy head of China's banking regulator said Tuesday.
China to expand rural land ownership reform2017-12-04
China will expand its rural land ownership reform to more counties in the next year in its latest effort to bolster agriculture and the rural economy.
China expands water conservation through tax reform2017-12-01
Taxation will play a larger role in China's drive to conserve more water as a water resource tax program is expanded.
China encourages more private investment in PPP projects2017-12-01
China's top economic planner has moved to attract more private investment to infrastructure construction and public service projects.
China toughens penalties for dishonesty in overseas deals2017-11-29
China will strengthen supervision of businesses involved in cross-border economic activities, an official document said.
China to expand water resource tax pilot program2017-11-29
China will expand a water resource tax pilot program to more areas in a bid to encourage water conservation, the Ministry of Finance (MOF) said Tuesday.
China releases guideline for industrial internet development2017-11-28
China's cabinet has unveiled a guideline for developing the "industrial internet," integration of industry and the internet.
China reforms licensing to develop traditional medicine2017-11-17
China is reforming its medical licensing and clinic management systems for traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) by introducing two new regulations to promote its development, the State Administration of Traditional Chinese Medicine announced Thursday.
China renews tax exemption to encourage technology imports2017-11-16
China's Ministry of Finance (MOF) has extended a duty-free policy for technology imports to facilitate a national manufacturing improvement strategy.
China announces special rules on policy banks2017-11-16
China's banking regulator released special rules for the country's three policy banks for the first time on Wednesday, featuring a capital restraint mechanism to strengthen risk control.
China bans online catering without off-line operations2017-11-14
Only off-line catering businesses with bricks-and-mortar restaurants and proper business licenses are allowed to offer on-line catering and ordering services, a new regulation said Friday.
China widens access to financial markets for foreign investors2017-11-14
China has specified the measures that will ease or lift foreign investment restrictions in its financial markets.
China to give foreign businesses better access to financial, auto industries2017-11-10
China will significantly ease market access to the financial sector, reduce tariffs on cars, and try out lifting foreign ownership restrictions in the new energy vehicle (NEV) industry, a senior diplomat said Thursday.
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