139761175_16140643524711n_副本.jpg Lunar sample brought back by Chang'e-5 probe displayed to public in Beijing2021-02-24
Lunar sample brought back by Chang'e-5 probe displayed to public in Beijing
China national museum to exhibit lunar samples2021-02-24
The National Museum of China on Tuesday announced that it would exhibit the lunar samples brought back by China's Chang'e-5 probe.
China explores space with self-reliance, open mind2021-02-24
Chinese President Xi Jinping met representatives of space scientists and engineers who participated in the research and development of the Chang'e-5 lunar mission in Beijing Monday.
China's Tianwen-1 enters Mars parking orbit2021-02-24
China's Tianwen-1 probe on Wednesday entered the parking orbit of Mars after performing an orbital maneuver, according to the China National Space Administration (CNSA).
China unveils new lab for deep-Earth science2021-02-14
China has unveiled a new lab to promote deep-Earth science and advance detection technologies, according to the Ministry of Natural Resources (MNR).
China's Tianwen-1 probe enters orbit around Mars2021-02-11
China's Tianwen-1 probe successfully entered the orbit around Mars on Wednesday after a nearly seven-month voyage from Earth.
China's Y-12F aircraft completes geo-prospecting flight tests2021-02-10
The China-developed Y-12F general aircraft has completed flight tests on its airborne geophysical prospecting capabilities, its developer announced on Tuesday.
China's Chang'e-4 probe resumes work for 27th lunar day2021-02-07
The lander and rover of the Chang'e-4 probe have resumed work for their 27th lunar day on the far side of the moon.
China announces success in land-based mid-course missile interception test2021-02-05
China on Thursday successfully conducted a land-based mid-course missile interception test, said the Ministry of National Defense.
139722488_16124821953691n_副本.jpg New communication technology experiment satellite launched in Xichang2021-02-05
New communication technology experiment satellite launched in Xichang
Tianwen 1 probe set to enter Mars orbit before New Year2021-02-04
China's Tianwen 1 Mars probe is set to enter the orbit of the red planet around Feb 10, two days before Chinese New Year, according to China Aerospace Science and Technology Corp, the nation's leading space contractor.
Beijing sets sights on science2021-01-26
China is emerging as an international center for education and research, with Beijing set to become one of the world's leading hubs for frontier scientific research by 2035, officials and experts said.
Nation to help tackle more global tech issues, expert says2021-01-26
Seeking self-reliance in science and technology does not mean that China is decoupling from the world. Rather, this is to reduce its overreliance on imports of key technologies and to make a greater contribution to tackling shared issues ranging from climate change to public health, an expert said.
Testing at smart satellite factory now underway2021-01-18
Construction of China's first smart manufacturing plant for satellites has been completed in Wuhan, capital of Hubei province, and it is scheduled to be ready to commence production in March, its owner said.
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