Mobile payment firms eye city transport2018-05-23
China's mobile payment operators are entering the public transportation sphere with ambitious promotions for their new e-products that promise to change commuters' age-old ways of paying for their city rides, experts said.
High-tech identifies 3rd suspect at concert2018-05-22
Police nabbed a criminal suspect at a concert in Jiaxing, Zhejiang province, on Sunday, thanks to a high-tech facial recognition system.
Technology closes rural healthcare gap2018-05-22
Suffering from coronary heart disease, 79-year-old Wang Funi was amazed to find out that she can have routine medical tests done at her rural home.
IT employees earn most in China2018-05-16
The annual salary in IT sector in 2017 was over 130,000 yuan ($20,409), the highest among all industries, according to latest data from National Bureau of Statistics released on Tuesday.
Across China: North and south, Chinese seniors migrate for happiness2018-05-14
Having finished a six-month stay in Sanya of Hainan, China's southernmost island province, Zhang Guizhen, 69, and her husband Yang Yuhua, went back home to Harbin, the country's northernmost provincial capital, where the spring arrives in late April.
Customs on hunt for imports of illegal exotic pets2018-05-10
Entry-exit inspection and quarantine authorities across the nation have intercepted an increasing number of alien species and exotic pets that can pose serious risks to safety and environmental integrity, China's top authority for entry-exit inspection and quarantine said.
China launches new time-use survey2018-05-08
A recently launched survey may give a glimpse into the day-to-day life of modern Chinese.
Government moves to clean up internet content2018-05-03
Social networking and streaming sites are coming under greater scrutiny and regulation.
'Toxic' liquor? Group seeks to defend doctor2018-04-17
The detention of a doctor who said that a liquor product was toxic has prompted the Chinese Medical Doctor Association to call for caution in the use of the criminal law.
Zero-tariff step is good medicine2018-04-17
Zheng Lei and his friends were both excited and relieved on Thursday when they heard that the State Council, China's Cabinet, announced that the country would levy no tariffs on imported cancer-fighting medicines from next month.
Silk carpets find new life as modern luxury2018-04-17
At its peak, the silk carpet company in northwest China had 2,000 workers. Now the number is down to 60.
Old brands develop for new era2018-04-17
At a trade fair in north China's Tianjin, Liu Fang has found a kind of colored ink interesting.
Old and online: China's aging internet explorers2018-04-17
When most of his friends are working in the fields, 53-year-old Jiang Licun is living a life of fame on the internet.
Tourists flock to China-DPRK border river for birdwatching2018-04-13
Birdwatchers are flocking to China's border river with the Democratic People's Republic of Korea (DPRK) to catch a natural spectacle as flocks of wild bird circle over the high tide to find food.
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