Smartphones are hurting our sleep2018-03-22
More than 60 percent of people born after 1990-the group that most actively uses smartphones late at night-do not sleep well, according to a report on the sleep patterns of Chinese netizens.
Young Chinese search for a good night's sleep2018-03-22
Doctor Sun Wei recalls a patient who downed a bottle of sleeping pills four years ago. The anxious family thought it was a suicide bid, but the patient said he just wanted to sleep.
Chinese "plant" trees on mobile phones2018-03-12
Renting a bike, taking the bus, or simply walking -- these daily activities can lead trees to binge planted in deserts in China, and hundreds of millions of Chinese are doing so.
China's "single economy" provides business opportunities2018-02-14
While a rising number of single people worry their Chinese parents, the demographic shift has become a business opportunity for retailers and service providers.
Sell, buy English couplets to have a good, good year2018-02-13
English language couplets have become a new and stylish way among Chinese young people to celebrate the upcoming Spring Festival.
Wealth raises more attractiveness of males than females: study2018-02-13
Latest research shows economic status raises the attractiveness of males more than females, based on an experiment jointly conducted by scientists from China, the United States and Britain.
The best reason to be single? Science2018-02-11
As Valentine's Day draws closer, there is a nugget of information to help cheer up those who are single. Scientific research has found "a handful of" benefits of being single, with alone- time being considered an advantage, the Business Insider reported.
Three quarters of Chinese have experienced breakups: survey2018-02-06
About 74.5 percent of Chinese have been through breakups with their partners, according to a survey in the China Youth Daily Tuesday.
Gamers jump to 'Travel Frog'2018-01-31
A mobile game about an amphibian's wanderlust has become wildly popular among young Chinese.Xu Lin reports.The frog is a digital character from the Japanese mobile game Tabi Kaeru, or Travel Frog.
E-Sports in China: a healthier habit than you think?2018-01-30
When you think of E-sports, you probably imagine a teenage boy with glasses, out of shape, with spots on his face sitting in front of a computer for hours, days, even weeks on end. You might think he neglects his duties at school, work, and to his family.
Japanese mobile game "Travel Frog" stars among Chinese2018-01-24
A Japanese mobile-game named Travel Frog has captured hearts of millions of Chinese mobile users.
Half of China's 17 mln newborns in 2017 are second children2018-01-19
China's health authority said Thursday that about 51 percent of China's newborn babies in 2017 were second children in the family, a 5 percentage points increase from.
More foreign workers pick Shanghai2018-01-17
China has issued more than 193,000 work permits to foreigners in the past eight months, including nearly 43,000 in Shanghai, the country's largest number.
One third Chinese preschool children online: study2018-01-15
Nearly one in third of Chinese preschool children spend more than 30 minutes online each day for entertainment, according to a study result released this weekend.
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