China's economic shift awakening huge consumption potential2019-02-22
China's evolving economic structure and high-quality development have been accompanied with stronger, new consumer spending power, creating a growth engine with enormous potential.
Timeline: Xi Jinping and Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area2019-02-22
Chinese authorities have unveiled the outline development plan for the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area, aiming to build it into a role model of high-quality development, an international first-class bay area and a world-class city cluster.
China braces for "tough tasks" in rural development2019-02-21
Stronger policy support is in the pipeline to shore up China's rural areas and agriculture as the central authorities aim at tackling the "tough tasks" in their development.
Commentary: Egregious accusations ignore basic facts on Xinjiang2019-02-14
As China has lodged stern representations with Turkey over its foreign ministry's statement on anti-terrorism efforts of Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region, it is necessary to further expose the absurdness of those egregious remarks, distortions and baseless accusations by reviewing the basic facts on ground.
Spotlight: U.S. industries' Lunar New Year marketing highlights hope for expansion in China market2019-02-13
From NBA teams to luxury brands, American industries are sparing no efforts in cashing in on the holiday season of the Lunar New Year to reach out to China's exploding middle class market.
China takes action as Africa struggles for solutions to forced displacement2019-02-13
China has joined the international community to provide material aid and technical support to tackle Africa's growing refugee problem and forced internal displacements, winning accolades from the continent's leaders and people.
China pushes forward reforms to expand access to anti-cancer drugs2019-02-13
Life-saving anti-cancer drugs, once hard to afford or find on the market by many patients in China, have become accessible for more under the country's reforms in recent years.
Lunar New Year consumption mirrors China's economic strength2019-02-12
With the consumption during the Chinese Lunar New Year holiday surging steadily, the Chinese economy has shown its unabated vitality while ushering in the Year of the Pig.
Why "China slowdown" worries are overblown2019-02-03
A more sustainable growth model, coupled with a policy package to stimulate growth, will underpin the economy in 2019, bringing abundant opportunities to global investors who stay prepared to cash in on the ever-evolving market.
China, U.S. make important progress in trade talks, paving way for further consultations2019-02-02
Negotiators from China and the United States have made important progress in the latest round of high-level talks to resolve their economic and trade frictions, laying foundation for further consultations, according to the visiting Chinese delegation.
BeiDou achieves real-time transmission of deep-sea data2019-02-02
China has achieved real-time transmission of deep-sea data at 6,000-meter depth through its self-developed BeiDou satellites for the first time, a move essential to more secure, independent and reliable deep-sea data transmission.
Spring Festival shopping going rural amid anti-poverty push2019-02-02
As a time-honored tradition for preparing for Chinese New Year, Spring Festival shopping in cities has become more rustic this year.
Tech giants lavish lucky money in mobile users race2019-01-30
A week ahead of Chinese New Year, many Chinese are busy collecting red envelopes, not from their relatives or friends but from deep-pocketed tech firms.
China's economy shows resilience, potential despite downward pressure: expert2019-01-30
China's economy showed great resilience and potential when transitioning from rapid growth to high-quality development, despite economic downward pressure.
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