Microbes "toss a coin," breaking DNA translation rule: study2018-06-15
British and German researchers described in a study published on Thursday in the journal Current Biology the first and unexpected microbes that could translate DNA randomly in two different ways.
Light-on sleeping may increase risk of diabetes2018-06-15
Sleeping with light on can raise the risk of diabetes, a recent study of Northwestern University (NU) shows.
Single control center in brain controls both sleep, wake: study2018-06-15
Swiss researchers have recently identified one single control center for the sleep-wake cycle in the brain, which would be of great importance for finding new sleep therapies, according to the University of Bern on Thursday.
China-developed heavy ion cancer treatment system enters clinical testing2018-05-28
Heavy ion medical accelerators developed by Chinese researchers entered clinical testing for cancer patients in northwest China's Gansu Province this month, researchers said.
HPV vaccine also has a downside2018-05-25
China has approved a new HPV (human papillomavirus) vaccine that combats nine strains of the virus, the leading cause of cervical cancer, which after breast cancer is the second most common cancer in women aged 15 to 44 in China.
Mental health issues rise among children2018-05-24
Mental health specialists warned of rising mental health issues among Chinese children and adolescents including attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder, or ADHD, which now hits roughly 5 percent of them.
Danger of sugar to kids highlighted2018-05-21
As Chinese children consume more sugar-sweetened beverages, experts are advising authorities to impose a sugar tax to reduce the health risks that such drinks may bring.
Infants can track others' mental states: study2018-05-08
A brain-imaging study has offered new support for the notion that infants can accurately track other people's beliefs, and they have the ability to know other people's mental states.
Pediatricians' fees increase by 30%2018-05-08
Fees for medical treatments and examinations of children 6 and younger were raised by 30 percent in Guangzhou recently as a way to keep the city's pediatricians from quitting their jobs.
Study looks for causes of birth defects2018-05-03
New research involving half a million pregnant women across China is expected to greatly improve control and prevention of risks related to birth defects, which are likely to increase with the adoption of the universal second-child policy.
Latest HPV vaccine OK for import to mainland2018-05-02
Residents of the Chinese mainland now have access to a nine-way HPV vaccine-which works against up to nine types of HPV-after the medication was given the nod by China's top drug administration on Saturday.
Free vaccinations against flu proposed2018-04-24
Flu vaccinations should be provided free in China to promote immunizations and help protect the public against the virus, a World Health Organization expert said recently.
Chinese researchers develop new drug to inhibit cancer stem cells2018-04-23
Chinese researchers have developed a new drug that can inhibit the growth and spread of cancer stem cells.
70.5 percent of Chinese youth suffer from insomnia: survey2018-04-17
A recent survey of the sleep habits of 18 to 35 year olds undertaken by China Youth Daily has suggested that 70.5 percent of surveyed youth suffer from insomnia.
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