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Gene found in crop to increase output2023-03-25
Chinese scientists have discovered a crop gene that, once deactivated, can allow plants to thrive in saline and alkaline soils, a feat that has the potential to create new saline-alkaline tolerant crops, according to studies published in the journals Science and National Science Review on Friday.
未命名_副本.jpg Modern agriculture thrives in Xiangtan, C China2023-03-24
Modern agriculture thrives in Xiangtan, C China
China's cotton industry to advance high-quality development2023-03-24
China's cotton industry will continue to improve supply quality to stimulate market demand and promote high-quality development, said the All China Federation of Supply and Marketing Cooperatives on Thursday.
64164501a31057c4b4b78358.jpg International seed expo opens in China's Tianjin2023-03-19
An international seed expo opened Saturday in North China's Tianjin municipality to promote technological innovation in the seed industry.
Chinese researchers discover recessive virus-resistant wheat gene2023-03-08
Chinese researchers have discovered a gene that can enhance resistance to wheat yellow mosaic disease, which causes significant losses in crop yield, according to a report in China Science Daily on Monday.
UN official says Chinese Juncao technology holds key potential to contribute to achievement of UN SDGs2023-02-27
The Chinese Juncao technology holds the key potential to contribute to the achievement of the United Nations' Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), a UN official told Xinhua in a recent interview.
Developing farming a national priority2023-02-15
The "No 1 central document "issued by the central authorities sends a strong signal about China's firm intention to invigorate its agricultural sector and vast countryside as the country embarks on a new leg of the journey toward socialist modernization, a senior official said on Tuesday.
China sends fresh signals on advancing rural revitalization, building agricultural strength2023-02-15
The "No. 1 central document" for 2023 outlined nine tasks from ensuring grain supply and bolstering high-quality rural industries, to increasing farmers' incomes and developing a beautiful countryside.
Key document highlights vitalization of rural areas2023-02-14
The central authorities on Monday unveiled the closely watched "No 1 central document" for this year, which pledged to advance the national strategy of rural vitalization and accelerate modernization in rural regions.
China issues No. 1 central document for 2023, highlights rural vitalization tasks2023-02-14
China unveiled its "No. 1 central document" for 2023 on Monday, outlining nine tasks for comprehensively promoting rural vitalization this year.
China's major grain producer develops high-standard farmland2023-02-12
North China's Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region, one of the country's major grain-producing regions, has so far developed 49.89 million mu (around 3.3 million hectares) of high-standard farmland, local authorities said.
China's agricultural imports from Zimbabwe surpass 600 mln dollars in 20222023-02-02
China imported agricultural products worth 657 million U.S. dollars from Zimbabwe in 2022, up 22.64 percent year-on-year, the Chinese Embassy in Zimbabwe said Wednesday.
China's grain barn province plans soybean planting expansion for 20232023-01-12
China's major agricultural province of Heilongjiang has set aside 14.5 million hectares for crop planting this year while placing emphasis on expansion of soybean planting, according to sources associated with the on-going annual session of the Heilongjiang Provincial People's Congress.
China's grain purchase expected to hit 400 mln tonnes in 20222023-01-12
China maintained its grain purchase level and ensured a stable domestic grain market in 2022, against the backdrop of sharply fluctuating international grain prices.
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