202207187164d20d7a6a4d01a8bb1920.jpg A Chinese pastry with cultural features2022-07-20
A Chinese pastry with cultural features
Michelin Guide launches 2018 Guangzhou edition2018-07-04
The Michelin Guide has made its second foray into Chinese mainland with the launch of a new guide for the southern city of Guangzhou.
140 拷贝副本副本.jpg A bite of Shanghai: Nanxiang steamed buns2014-08-14
Staff of Nanxiang steamed buns restaurant make steamed buns in Shanghai, east China, Aug. 14, 2014.
21_副本140.jpg In pictures: odd food after 50 years2014-08-11
British artist Johanna Schmeer creates colorful food of 50 years after.
13_副本320_副本148.jpg In pictures: A bite of China2014-05-14
Chinese food is famous for its taste and variety, with an unparalleled range of ingredients, techniques, dishes and eating styles.
11_副本140.jpg 'A Bite of China' makes noodle maker rich2014-07-04
A famous noodle restaurant chain in China has reached a deal with a family starring in the hit documentary "A Bite of China" to buy out all raw noodle products processed by the family in the coming three years.
140 拷贝.jpg Int'l Restaurant & Foodservice Show held in NY2014-03-04
Int'l Restaurant & Foodservice Show held in New York, United States, March 3, 2014.
140 拷贝.jpg Crazy about hotpot2014-02-06
Spicy hotpot in Chongqing, originated in the 19th century, has enjoyed increasing popularity among diners at home and abroad.
16_副本140.jpg Lucky foods for Chinese New Year2014-02-01
Chinese Lunar New Year is the most important traditional holiday for Chinese people.
3_副本320_副本140.jpg Handmade chocolate Christmas sweets2013-12-02
Handmade chocolate Christmas sweets are pictured at the chocolaterie Hammelspring in Hammelspring in the region Uckermark, Germany.
14_副本140.jpg Fish cooking contest held in E China county2013-10-31
Photo taken on Oct. 30, 2013 shows a giant fish head dish at a fish cooking contest held in Wan'an County, east China's Jiangxi Province.
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