Crayfish announced as China's favorite dish of 20172018-01-17
China's favorite dish in 2017 was crayfish, said a food consumption report by the China Cuisine Association (CCA).
32.jpg Special snacks displayed during 14th China-ASEAN Expo2017-09-15
Special snacks displayed during 14th China-ASEAN Expo
W020170426266315472907_副本140.jpg Jianbing of Mr. Bing attracts New Yorkers2017-04-26
Jianbing of Mr. Bing attracts New Yorkers
Michelin unveils new HK, Macao restaurant guide2016-11-10
The Michelin Guide Hong Kong Macao 2017 was unveiled here Wednesday, recognizing nine newly starred restaurants in Hong Kong and five in Macao.
Feature: China wants a bigger wedge of cheese2016-10-21
Liu Yajia is a rare thing in China-a cheese connoisseur.She can reel off names, flavors and production processes of varieties of cheeses that few people have heard of.
1_副本140.jpg Yangcheng mitten crabs: an exquisite autumn delicacy2016-10-14
For centuries the mitten crabs have been considered a delicacy in China as well as other parts of East Asia.
Chinese eating, food shopping habits under New Zealand microscope2016-10-12
New Zealand government scientists are to start studying what food the Chinese eat and why.
专题button副本副本副本副本副本副本副本副本副本副本.jpg Mid-Autumn Festival celebrated around China2016-09-16
The traditional Mid-Autumn Festival, which fell on Thursday this year, has been celebrated around China.
专题button副本副本副本副本副本副本.jpg Plane restaurant opens in central China's Wuhan2016-09-10
Plane restaurant opened in central China's Wuhan
9_副本14.jpg Spicy crawfish cools you down in hot summer2016-07-25
Despite the heat, tens of thousands people joined the crawfish-themed party in a local water park.
Burgers gain foothold in China's noodle land2016-06-10
Joshua Trout and his Chinese wife Gao Jiemeizi are overjoyed that their restaurant serving authentic American food in Lanzhou City is a success.
17_副本140.jpg Savor the bites of spring: New freshness for dinners2016-03-22
On restaurant tables around China, there is a new freshness awaiting diners whether their tastes look to the East or to the West.
140副本副本副本副本副本副本.jpg Taste of new year: traditional staple food in E China2016-01-29
Steamed bun with colorful patterns is a traditional staple food during the Spring Festival in Shandong.
6_副本140.jpg "A Bite of China" in 1985 shot by a foreigner2016-01-12
Photos show "A bite of China" shot by a foreign photographer called Reinhart Wolf in 1985.
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