W020170426266315472907_副本140.jpg Jianbing of Mr. Bing attracts New Yorkers2017-04-26
Jianbing of Mr. Bing attracts New Yorkers
Michelin unveils new HK, Macao restaurant guide2016-11-10
The Michelin Guide Hong Kong Macao 2017 was unveiled here Wednesday, recognizing nine newly starred restaurants in Hong Kong and five in Macao.
Feature: China wants a bigger wedge of cheese2016-10-21
Liu Yajia is a rare thing in China-a cheese connoisseur.She can reel off names, flavors and production processes of varieties of cheeses that few people have heard of.
1_副本140.jpg Yangcheng mitten crabs: an exquisite autumn delicacy2016-10-14
For centuries the mitten crabs have been considered a delicacy in China as well as other parts of East Asia.
Chinese eating, food shopping habits under New Zealand microscope2016-10-12
New Zealand government scientists are to start studying what food the Chinese eat and why.
专题button副本副本副本副本副本副本副本副本副本副本.jpg Mid-Autumn Festival celebrated around China2016-09-16
The traditional Mid-Autumn Festival, which fell on Thursday this year, has been celebrated around China.
专题button副本副本副本副本副本副本.jpg Plane restaurant opens in central China's Wuhan2016-09-10
Plane restaurant opened in central China's Wuhan
9_副本14.jpg Spicy crawfish cools you down in hot summer2016-07-25
Despite the heat, tens of thousands people joined the crawfish-themed party in a local water park.
Burgers gain foothold in China's noodle land2016-06-10
Joshua Trout and his Chinese wife Gao Jiemeizi are overjoyed that their restaurant serving authentic American food in Lanzhou City is a success.
17_副本140.jpg Savor the bites of spring: New freshness for dinners2016-03-22
On restaurant tables around China, there is a new freshness awaiting diners whether their tastes look to the East or to the West.
140副本副本副本副本副本副本.jpg Taste of new year: traditional staple food in E China2016-01-29
Steamed bun with colorful patterns is a traditional staple food during the Spring Festival in Shandong.
6_副本140.jpg "A Bite of China" in 1985 shot by a foreigner2016-01-12
Photos show "A bite of China" shot by a foreign photographer called Reinhart Wolf in 1985.
Xi'an seeks to standardize its famous dishes2015-11-25
As Xi'an-style foods gain in popularity, the local industrial standards authority says it is going to regulate the recipes of the ancient city's most famous foods.
10 traditional foods that make Beijing's winter merrier2015-11-23
When the weather gets chilly and the skies turn dark and gloomy, it's easy to feel down. There's nothing Beijingers can do about the bad weather, however, there are some foods that taste significantly better during the cold days which turns the winter frown upside down. Here are 10 Beijing specialties that make the winter merrier.
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