China's green bond market goes to internationalization: expert2017-11-20
China's green bonds market has taken important steps towards its internationalization, an expert in this new financial sector has said.
First RMB-denominated green bond issued in Paris2017-11-17
Bank of China (BOC), one of the country's four biggest lenders, has issued a green bond in Paris denominated in three currencies -- euro, US dollar and Chinese currency renminbi -- for a total equivalent amount of $1.5 billion, the bank said Thursday in a statement.
News Analysis: Strong demand for China's dollar bond shows investor confidence2017-10-30
International investors piled into a U.S.-dollar-denominated bond offering from China, with orders more than 11 times the deal size, showing international investors' confidence in China's economic development and financial health.
European investors favor China's sovereign dollar bonds2017-10-30
Sale of China's first U.S. dollar-denominated sovereign bond in 13 years gained 11 times of offering size, while orders showed the interest for Chinese sovereign debt from European investors has come from strength to strength.
First dollar bond sale since 2004 indicates more opening-up: Chinese Vice FinMin2017-10-30
Sale of China's first U.S. dollar-denominated debt in 13 years indicates China will further open up its finance sector, said Chinese Vice Finance Minister Shi Yaobin here on Friday.
China to sell first dollar bond in 13 years on Thursday2017-10-26
China will issue 2 billion U.S. dollars worth of dollar-denominated sovereign bonds on Thursday, China's Ministry of Finance (MOF) said here on Wednesday.
Sovereign bonds to bolster opening-up2017-10-25
The Ministry of Finance will kick-start its plans to issue US dollar-denominated sovereign bonds worth $2 billion by holding investment and financing discussions with potential investors in Hong Kong on Wednesday.
China says financing not main purpose of planned dollar bond issuance2017-10-25
China's finance ministry said Tuesday that raising funds was not the main purpose of its plans to issue two billion U.S. dollar-denominated sovereign bonds, the first such sales in 13 years.
China sees growing "Panda bond" issuance: central bank2017-10-19
China's "Panda bond" market has seen significant growth with more foreign issuers and a bigger issuance, as the country opens up its onshore bond market, according to a central bank report.
China continues to add U.S. treasuries holdings in August2017-10-18
China continued to increase its holdings of U.S. Treasury securities in August, and remained as the largest holder of U.S. treasuries.
Bond issue seeks to lure forex2017-10-12
The Chinese mainland will soon issue $2 billion in US dollar-denominated sovereign bonds in Hong Kong, the Ministry of Finance announced on Wednesday.
China to issue 2 billion USD-denominated sovereign bonds in HK2017-10-11
Chinese Ministry of Finance (MOF) said Wednesday it plans to issue U.S. dollar-denominated sovereign bonds worth two billion dollars in Hong Kong, the first such sale in 13 years.
China continues to add U.S. treasuries in July2017-09-19
China increased its holding of U.S. Treasury securities for the sixth consecutive month in July, and remained as the world's largest holder of U.S. treasuries.
Bond Connect seen boosting fund inflows2017-09-11
Renminbi-denominated bonds will become one of the preferred investment options for international investors as China now offers a channel for offshore investors to access local notes, potentially boosting fund inflows in the future, said experts.
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