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US' cancelation of security assistance to Pakistan indirectly leads to terrorist attacks: Ghulam Ali
Last Updated: 2018-11-25 16:04 |
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Beijing, Nov. 25 (Economic Daily-China Economic Net)— “This was a very unfortunate incident and had been condemned across Pakistan. The swift response by Pakistan’s Law Enforcement Agencies in eliminating the terrorists is a manifestation of all Pakistani sides’ faith in securing the Chinese Consulate and Chinese people,” said by Dr. Ghulam Ali, the Pakistani Associate Professor of Sichuan University of Science & Engineering, Department of Political Science, School of Marxism.

On 23rd November, armed terrorists initiated an attack targeting the Chinese Consulate located in Karachi’s Clifton area. Two police officers lost their lives, and two civilians, a father and son, were also killed in the incident. Three terrorists were confirmed eliminated.

In an exclusive interview to Economic Daily-China Economic Net over the weekend, Dr. Ali said “it's a very unfortunate incident,which has deep complication that includes the situation in Middle East, situation in Afghanistan and all of the external power. I do not see this incident in isolation. Couple of days back, the United States’ President, Donald Trump, just announced stopping $1.3 billion aid to Pakistan. I also learned that United States stopped all security assistance to Pakistan early this year.”

“Moreover, couple of months ago, United States also opposed Pakistan’s getting loan from IMF, as United States thought Pakistan would use this loan to repay the Chinese debts,” Dr. Ali said. “Somehow all these things and factors link with each other, so that I think there are external factors that involved in this incident.”

Dr. Ali said that it is the responsibility of Pakistan to address these challenges to provide more security to Chinese friends, Chinese companies, Chinese entities and whosever from China in all possible ways.

“I don’t think this incident will have a very big impact on the construction of CPEC. China and Pakistan are determined to implement this mega project, and two countries have to show resort to this incident. I am quite sure that two governments have a call for coordination with each other in sharing information and addressing these issues,” Dr. Ali said. (Reporter from Economic Daily-China Economic Net, Yi Zhang)

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US' cancelation of security assistance to Pakistan indirectly leads to terrorist attacks: Ghulam Ali | 2018-11-25 16:04
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