Spotlight: 17 years after entering WTO, China remains vigorous advocate for multilateralism2018-12-12
Remaining true to its original aspirations when joining in the World Trade Organization (WTO) in 2001, China has consistently stuck to free trade and expanded opening-up.
Yuan internationalization making steady progress2018-12-12
The Chinese currency renminbi (RMB), or the yuan, has taken solid steps in its internationalization thanks to the country's steady efforts to further integrate into the world economy.
Feature: Chinese automaker Changan rolls into Argentina2018-12-11
Chinese automobile manufacturer Changan made its official debut in Argentina on Monday, where it aims to capture a larger market share in the long term.
Up in the air, who owns copyright of AI-generated article?2018-12-11
If one publishes an article generated by artificial intelligence (AI), do they own the copyright?
China accelerates opening-up in financial sector2018-12-11
Forty years on, financial opening-up, once considered a risk, has proven to be a risk well taken, and a boon for businesses in China and beyond.
未命名_副本.jpg China's consumer inflation eases in November2018-12-10
China's consumer prices eased in November thanks to the declines in food and oil prices, official data showed Sunday.
China steadily pushes forex reforms, expands opening-up2018-12-04
China has maintained a steady pace in pushing foreign exchange (forex) reforms, enabling global investors wider access into one of the world's largest capital markets.
Smart appliances enter more Chinese households2018-12-04
Quality and customized smart appliances are catching on among urban households in China as cities are embracing the emerging trend of an "intelligent home," -- home system rich in modern conveniences.
Feature: Traditional Chinese medicine exhibition turns out to be success in Malta2018-12-04
People have showed great interest as they filled the vast entrance hall of Malta's main hospital Mater Dei to visit the exhibition of traditional Chinese medicine "Benevolence and Healing Art".
Rural credit innovation feeds farmers' businesses2018-12-03
Yu Shunyuan used to worry about not having enough money to buy fodder. But now, a credit system built by rural credit cooperatives (RCC) is feeding his business.
From trash to treasure: China's recycling industry booms2018-12-03
Every day, Niu Zhanlin sifts through trash cans in a residential community and takes the recyclable items to a collection station nearby.
Industry upgrade ignites education boom in Pearl River Delta2018-12-03
Long before graduation, the sixth class of students at Dongguan Technician College in southern China's Guangdong Province have already been snapped up by employers.
Feature: China-Argentina hydroelectric project to stimulate local economy2018-12-03
"We have made quite a lot of progress," said Victor Belisario, a topographer of the La Barrancosa dam, part of the China-Argentina hydroelectric mega project in the remote southern province of Santa Cruz.
Camel milk, latest entry in milk alternatives race2018-12-03
Fed up with cow milk, goat milk or soy milk? Try something new -- camel milk, the latest milk alternative.
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