Surgeons transplant a human head2017-11-21
A human head transplant carried out on a corpse by doctors in China-reported to be the first such surgery in the world-has caused controversy among medical experts.
New way to convert "bad" into "good" fat may help treat obesity: study2017-09-20
U.S. researchers said Tuesday they may have identified a way to convert "bad" white fat into "good" brown fat, offering hope of developing new ways to treat obesity.
E-cigarette study produces hazy results2017-08-23
A British study into smoking and e-cigarette use among UK teenagers has produced mixed results, prompting scientists to caution against altering policy decisions or public health advice until evidence becomes clearer.
Zika unlikely to be passed by kissing: study2017-08-02
Casual contact like kissing or sharing a fork or spoon is unlikely to pass a Zika virus infection, a new study said Tuesday.
Drinking coffee could lead to longer life: studies2017-07-11
People who drink coffee appear to live longer, two new studies published in the U.S. journal Annals of Internal Medicine said Monday, providing further confirmation on the health benefits of coffee consumption.
One third of world's population overweight or obese: study2017-06-13
More than two billion children and adults, or one third of the world's population, are now overweight or obese, according to a new study released Monday.
Menopause at earlier age may impact heart disease risk2017-05-24
A new study by researchers at the University of California, San Francisco, indicates that postmenopausal women who reached menopause at an earlier age or who never gave birth may be at higher risk for heart disease.
140 - 副本副本副本副本副本.jpg Report: Childhood obesity accelerating2017-05-12
One in four Chinese children age 7 or above will be obese in 2030
Need for quality healthcare nationwide2017-05-04
Although it's too early to evaluate the effects of Beijing's medical care reform, the first three weeks' trial since April 8 seems to have met people's expectations.
Chinese scientists use drop of blood to detect cancer2017-05-02
Scientists around the world are striving for effective detection of cancer in the early stages, and a Chinese scientist may have found a quick way of knowing whether malignant tumors exist in a patient's body, with just one drop of blood.
140 - 副本副本副本.jpg Brain waves can tell how much students like their class: study2017-04-28
When students pay attention in class, their brainwaves show remarkably similar patterns.
360截图-3037386.jpg Scientists unlock TCM drug's role in weight loss2017-04-18
Scientists unlock TCM drug's role in weight loss
Medical reforms shot in the arm for Beijing2017-04-07
Beijing will put a new medical care reform plan into effect on Saturday, which will bring an end to medicine price markups.
Chinese need more sleep amid mounting pressure2017-03-21
Sleeping the night through has become a luxury for many Chinese living amid the growing stress of a fast-paced society.
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